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Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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The poet simply states what is happening and the form which simply goes down the page is similar to a report. This continues the extended metaphor of reviewing life like a product. The poet also says a lot of labels, sizes and colour should be uniform, criticizing how people are pre-judged upon how they look whilst mocking that if everyone was uniform and not different, then we will be exactly like products in a factory. The words used in this line including labels, sizes and colours are words which you would associate with a product which metaphorically links the message to products.

The poet uses this extended metaphor because by our modern lifestyles, we are becoming so uniform with so many roles and people telling us what to do whilst also worrying too much. The extended metaphor shows this and tells the reader that we must change and try to enjoy life more. Meanwhile, Pessimism for Beginners relates itself to a report because it gives a tongue-in-cheek tone, where the poet seems very serious about it, but does this to mock the attitude. It makes the tone very sarcastic where pessimism is ridiculed with all these ridiculous statements.

Conclusively, A Consumers report metaphorically refers to life as a product to show how strict our life has become whilst Pessimism for Beginners is like a report to mock pessimism. Both poems very similarly use the ending to convey their final message and give a message. A Consumers Report says we are the consumers and the last law makers. The adjective last represents the finality of the statement whilst law makers is very strong in conveying that we should decide as the law is final. This emphasizes that we must decide on our own life and should be able to live it as we want.

Pessimism for Beginners, on the other hand, in a mocking tone says they do not want to gouge out your eyes! The exclamation mark shows the exaggeration of surprise, and gouge is such a violent word. The statement is obvious, due to this violent word, so by using the exclamation mark, it ridicules pessimists. A Consumers Report also uses a list saying philosophers or market researcher or historian, all of which are thought to be very high status jobs which is put emphasis on by the power of three on the jobs.

Therefore, by telling you to ignore what they say show the strong feelings of the poet. The list also makes it seem as if there are so many people telling you what to do, and eventually you do not enjoy your life. Therefore, it reveals how we listen to these people too much. In Pessimism for Beginners it says a small portion of boundless delight at the end. An oxymoron is used between small and boundless is used to show how you will get small amounts of extreme happiness when you are pessimistic, rarely being happy but occasionally just for small things, you will be joyful.

This sarcastically mocks how pessimism will make you seem so depressed. The final line of A Consumers report gives a final statement on our attitudes, saying the competitive product you said youd send. This would refer to death, reincarnation or heaven, but it shows that we are never satisfied, constantly looking for something better and then eventually die. We should just try to enjoy ourselves with our life. The final lines of Pessimism for Beginners sums up the whole poem saying keep believing the worlds out to get you, now and then you might not be proved right.

Now and then is used to show that you will only occasionally be happy, and most of the time, people will not like to be with you. Ultimately, both poems give their advice at the end telling you to try to enjoy life and be happy. In conclusion, Pessimism for Beginners and A Consumers Report tell us to enjoy life. Pessimism for Beginners ridicules pessimism using sarcasm and a tongue-in-cheek tone to show how ridiculous pessimism is. A Consumers Report takes a stand against how life is wasted worrying and how we do not live life freely enough. Its message is the same of how we should be able to just enjoy our life.

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