A Personal Statement to Acquire Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy Essay

Published: 2020-03-09 20:42:44
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Right from my childhood, I have always been passionate to attain my laid goals as well as preparing for challenges that may come forth as I tread the path of life with diligence. In pursuit of these goals, I do have an aura of inner heaviness that spurs me to embark on improvement program or any other initiatives found necessary to champion the goal. Regardless of any difficulties, hardships, discouragement, or intimidation, I have got good motivation for success in life. With my inherent quality of excellence, I have chosen to further education to bag a doctorate degree in Pharmacy.

I have fervent enthusiasm to know how man responds to similar drugs prescription with variation. I remember once pondering extensively in my mind on this issue especially while some drugs choose to produce an allergic reaction in certain individuals but do not in others. For example, some patients react to penicillin containing antibiotics like amoxicillin. A visionless individual may find it difficult to find focus amidst opportunities and available options of courses; this was not my case as I opted for pharmacy. I believe only this can harmonize both my short term and long term goals.

Ever since I had my preliminary studies, the fascinating experience was enough to always make any visionary individuals rush back for more training in other to have it all. I found the college of Pharmacy as the richest source of joy that can deliver my vision for the future. I can also substantiate my special interest in Pharmacy as a career because of my love for medicine or clinical practices, a noble profession. Far back in college, I offered Organic Chemistry and Microbiology. The courses gave me introductory science on which pharmacology of drug-to-drug interactions are based.

I took those courses with great interest, paying detail attention as if I knew I would this day be yearning for more. Moreover, learning what underlines the exact principle on how and why chemicals combination react in stochiometry of biochemical reactions are intriguing. The microbiological basis of body pathogens showing inhibiting sensitivity to antimicrobial therapies was equally interesting to me. In my academic background, I also learned about how experts have researched to use medicines and technology to counteract dangerous invasive and non-invasive effects of pathogens.

The fact that there still exist several questions and problems around virulent pathogens has also aroused my interest as this still leaves some room for further studies and discoveries. Today, technology has become a big influential in invariably all fields, especially in the field of medical diagnosis. Being an Information Technology specialist at the University of Oklahoma, I can professionally operate on pieces of equipment with high technological competency. I am strongly convinced that this expatriate input is still required to buttress the progress of Pharmaceutical practices in the world.

I am envisioning a long term goal of being able to assist the community as a pharmacist in drug prescriptions as well as enlightening them on dos and donts of medication (indications and contraindications) to safe more lives and prevent drug complications resulting from ignorance or abuse. Why the pursuit of Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy? Taking a doctorate degree in pharmacy would provide me a perfect platform to stand tall with an edge over the non-professionally trained practitioners.

Reason being that the training would erase any ignorance in me when I shall be on the field fulfilling my vision in life. In summary, interaction with people has always been a very joyful experience for me. I have always had educative discussions with pharmacists at retail stores and hospitals. I personally have a preference to question pharmacist occasionally when there is a choice between pharmacy and a physician concerning any medical issue bordering my mind.

However, in the abundance of different available options and seas of opportunities, I consider it a self incurred injustice if I do not stand for Pharmacy as a choice of career in accomplishing my immediate goal. With the absence of doubt, abundance of witnesses by unwavering convictions in me, I strongly believe a career out of pharmacy is a misplacement of priority. For the love of my society and the hope of helpless people who await my pharmaceutical cares in the nearest future, I love pharmacy with passion!

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