Achievement of self-worth and value in life Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:26:25
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In life, individuals need to search and discover themselves in order to achieve or attain self-worth and value in life, not necessarily these have to be discovered under intense or adverse conditional environment. Perhaps, such conditions may assist to unleash or invoke the true potential inherent in individuals being. The realization of such raises the eagerness to search the room for the toning of abilities. This has been my individual highlight and life experience, and cognizance should be taken of the fact that a lesson learned should not be a lesson forgotten.

With this introduction of my unfavorable distinctive past experience, it has distinguished of how as a determined individual I should shape life. To it, principles and certain attitudes have to exist in shaping a goal. This has led to the realization that at some point one has to accept the fact that change and flexibility are the bases for adapting to greater heights.

I am with confidence and mentally ready of enrolling in this course due to the aim of expanding the knowledge base in this field of study and receiving the superlative possible chance of success and particularly refining rational capability. With personal objectives of advancing studies to a Masters level, and purpose of obtaining a profound insight for a continuous contribution to both local government and private sector; allowing the application of the acquired analytical skills to contribute and support improvement in any encountered challenging environment. Participate in a growth-oriented environment that challenges individuals to desire for competency and develop with organizations that realize potential and ability that individuals possess.

NMU as an internationally recognized academic institution, it would be of a primitive mind not to enroll in making my aspirations grow into more a reality. With the above-mentioned aspirations, it could be made possible through being developed and equipped with the necessary tools available in this course leading to a successful career.

As my career objective is to pursue enlargement of knowledge and understanding of the world and exposure to a new perspective. A choice had to be made to either allow progress in my life. Individuals choice or enthusiasm ought to come from within, that will dig aspiration for growth and development. This has been fuelled via the diverse environmental forces and needs to change my circumstance that I have been exposed to.

I strive and aspire to be progressed to the next level. This course has convinced me and aligns with my objectives, with features of strengthening and equipping me with tools to a successful career. I desire to excel and remain characterized with good leadership qualities, capable of demonstrating excellent business knowledge and proficiency in business disciplines. Seeking the ability to be able to communicate ideas clearly and concisely in formal and informal settings. Professional skills that will empower me to contribute within a diverse set of relationships that facilitate success in contemporary organizations. Critical and logical thinking that integrates concepts across disciplines with creativity and integrity permitting me to successfully lead in a dynamic global environment. Develop the technical and analytical skills necessary to pursue a variety of careers in the industry.

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