Animal Studies Show Sugar Dependence Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:26:25
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The article entitled Sugar Can Be Addictive: Animal Studies Show Sugar Dependence, published in Science Daily last December 11, 2008, narrates about the study that has been conducted by Professor Bart Hoebel and his team in the Department of Psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. The research study demonstrates the proofs and effects of bingeing of sugar, implying that sugar can be an addictive substance. It tells about the conducted experiment of Hoebel and his team on how sugar addiction manipulates the brain of the lab animals”rats.

The rats have revealed two elements out of three: the craving, which shows behavioral pattern, and the relapse, which shows withdrawal and then inducing into bingeing again. The experiment is done through introducing sugar to the lab animals. When they have already learned to binge, they have been denied of sugar for a long period of time. When the reintroduction of sugar has happened, the rats have struggled and worked harder to get and eat more sugar. However, the cut off of sugar has made the rats drink more alcohol.

Hoebels findings on the experiment focus on three things: (1) that sugar addiction has long lasting effects in the brains, (2) that the findings in the experiment have implications and suggestions for the treatment of people with eating disorders such as bulimia, (3) and, that abstinence makes the heart grows fonder, wherein Hoebel implies that the reintroduction of sugar to the rats have make them urge and binge more sugar than before. The said article deals with two important things. First, the findings of the experiment with regards to sugar addiction can be equated to the behavior of humans who are under drug addiction.

In accordance and with respect to the article, the effect of sugar addiction is indeed akin to drug addiction. The elements of craving, relapse and withdrawal suggest that fact. Second, the forced inducement of a chemical, namely amphetamine, to the lab animals signifies an outside element or outside variable in the study, enabling the said chemicals to have a greater impact in the course of research. The amphetamines, as well as the dopamine that is released in the brain can be compared to the outside interventions of people who are sugar or drug addicts.

The amphetamine, a psychostimulant which causes hyperactivity and leaves a long lasting effect on the brain, has triggered for the release of dopamine in the brains of the lab animals, making them motivated to crave more sugar and enabling repetition of behavior and addiction. If it will be applied to a person who is addicted to drugs or any substance such as cocaine, morphine and nicotine, the amphetamine serves as the diversion. If a person withdraws from his or her addiction, that diversion will materialize in the form of intake of more alcohol or soft drinks.

Furthermore, if that diversion is upheld in the form of rehabilitation and helping ones self to withdraw from drugs or any substance, the dopamine that will be released of the brain will give the person the motivation and drive on how to work hard with regards to the total withdrawal from the substance that he or she is addicted to. He will then be driven to help him or herself to be more discipline in controlling his desires and cravings. The experiment that is conducted by Hoebels and his teammates has unfolded a myriad of findings with regards to sugar addition.

However, it is not the sole study that has been done about that topic. With due respect to other researches and studies that have materialized and conducted, their findings reveal that sugar is indeed an addictive substance. Moreover, a lot of people did not realize that fact especially those who are in the Western societies because they treat sugar as a form of self-medication in order to boost their mood and energy. To conclude, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of intake of sugar because, people, they may be aware or not, can be addicted into it that can cause several dilemmas in his or her health.

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