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Bright Light Limited (BLL) has grown wide and far. It envelopes several departments which function according to the information provided to it. It collectively contributes to the efficient functioning of the enterprise. All its departments require several Information systems to manage its data and evaluate the productivity of the resources. It has occupied a good share in the market because of its quality and excellent service. Presently, the use of IS is not done in full force. It once decided to implement a CAD/CAM system but no avail.

The operations of all the departments cannot be tracked and any irregularities of the organization are not captured. This may lead to poor quality of goods and service. The IS would bring the elements of the organization to the same page so that every department can interact with each other to share information anytime and be in synchronization with the developments taking place. All the loopholes and exceptional cases can be captured to optimize the use of resources. Proper engineering principals have been discussed so that every requirement is enveloped into the IS and can be managed to optimize the present working of the organization.

The implementation of IS would give a defined structure to the organization and stay in healthy communication with all the departments. The IS would be an organization itself and would manage all the resources effectively. The involvement of IS would enable them to compete with international threats in the market. B) Task 1 BLL has several suppliers such as producers of electronic components, glass, transistors and many others. The company purchases raw materials from these suppliers are integrate them to make a deliverable product. The final product is sold to a number of local, national and international wholesalers and retailers.

The involvements of the departments are quite evident in the process of transition from materials procurement to final delivery. 1. Application of Key Systems Theory Concepts: The entire process of input->process->output is quite evident in the process of rendering customers with products and services. The inputs are in the form of customer request. Primarily the development of products would be done based on the previous goods sold and the feedback received. The type of products namely light bulbs and fluorescents are manufactured by the organization and sold to the retailers and wholesalers nationwide and internationally.

Figure 1 : System diagram of the Organization process. a. Inputs: The nature of inputs is in the form of customers orders and feedbacks. They are also in the form of raw materials procured from the suppliers which ultimately are processed to form finished goods. Once the customer places the orders, according to the dimension of the order, it is taken up for compliance. The right amount of raw materials is ordered from the suppliers and it passes through the design process. The final product after the quality check is delivered to the customer in time.

The process of selling might be over at this stage but marketing group takes over to get the feedback and improve their service conditions and product quality for greater satisfaction. So at this stage the customers order and feedback both act as inputs to the organization. The raw materials purchased from the suppliers also act as inputs for the finished products. b. Process: There are a number of processes which are present in the organization that directly and indirectly influence the working of the organization and in shaping various forms of output. The most crucial process is the ordering of raw materials after an order is placed.

This process is quite essential for the further processing of the order, its quality factors, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. The next process would be the combination of the raw materials so that the correct blend enables to produce quality goods for gaining customer satisfaction. Another process would be to collect the feedback from the customer which happens to be a lengthy process. It would require patience on the part of the organization to collect after sales data for further processing to create a better process chain and innovate the look and feel of products to cater better audience.

The HRM process would enable findings of the worker output, taking care of the human resources in the organization and training them for newer business objectives and process innovation. There are several small processes such as logistics and despatch which would handle the management of the products namely bulbs and fluorescents. It would function for warehousing, inventory management and delivery of the products to the customer. c. Output: There are quite a number of forms of output which helps the organization to take care of customer needs and render greater satisfaction of service.

One is the finished goods which serve the customers either entirely or through the means of wholesalers and retailers. The feedback of the customers forms a greater source of output for after sales service and to make their product better. Another form of output is the worker productivity and resource utilization so that the turnover can be assessed after eliminating the wastage of resources. d. Feedback The source of feedback is from various sources. One is from the employees who work in the organization.

They are best to identify the positive and negative factors to be capitalize so as to encompass the demerits and the irregularities. They stand best for providing the feedback as they work at the ground level and are able to understand the micro level problems which must be taken care at the earliest. The other form of feedback is from the customer for after sales feedback and for product innovation. e. Boundary It defines the scope of the organization to the level of service. The scope is in the production of bulbs and fluorescents only.

The company has not diversified into other forms of business and concentrates into only few products. To have a greater share of the market into related products it must diversify the product base so as to cover against losses. f. Interaction with the environment The environment constitutes of the suppliers and the customers. The suppliers are the ones who supply for raw materials and must be taken care by the organization in allowing them special privileges and offers. They must be acknowledged for their service and could in some circumstances be allowed to share profits of the organization.

They must be given a representation in the management of the company. 2. Analysis of Information flow throughout the departments: The major decision making is done and propagated by the managing director to the marketing, human resources and electrical engineering and design departments. Once they have a clear and planned mind set of the aims they are able to work on the targets required to be met. The communication is downward in case for higher management and lateral for the middle and lower management.
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