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Published: 2020-03-14 13:52:54
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This season has been a lot different for Baltimore Orioles fans, where finally the Orioles are in contention to make their first ever MLB playoffs since 1997. The Orioles are playing some great baseball in September and are looking like a playoff team that can win it all. Last night the Os played the Boston Red Sox in front of there all time greats; Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Earl Weaver and Cal Ripken who were there to commemorate Brooks Robinson a future Hall of Famer. It was an important game for the Orioles because they were looking to take the lead from the New York Yankees in the American League East. Earlier in the day the Yankees lost to the Blue Jays 3-2, which put the Yankees and Orioles tied for first place. This got the crowd going and they were ready to see an Orioles win.

Everything seemed to go the Orioles way in the beginning with Manny Machado driving in the first run with a single down the middle in the second. In the fourth Chris Davis hit a two run bomb out to right field to give the Orioles a 3-0 lead. It looked like Boston had no answer too rookie starter Steve Johnson who flew through the first four innings but in the fifth he struggled and gave up three runs. The game was all tied up at 3-3 and Manny Machado stepped up to the plate in the seventh inning and hit the go-ahead home run to lift the Orioles past the Red Sox 4-3.

Machado only 20 years old and the third pick in the 2010 MLB draft has played some of his best baseball this September and has been a main part of the success the Orioles are having this year. After beating the Boston Red Sox the very young Baltimore Orioles are a half game ahead of the New York Yankees in the American League East and are looking more and more like the team to beat in the American League. Currently on a 4 game win streak with only 3 games remaining the Baltimore Orioles are one more win or an Angels loss from being back in the MLB playoffs.

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