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Published: 2020-04-22 08:26:25
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The article Blue jeans: Born to last by Leslie C. Smith was published in Globe and Mail in 1992. Smith gives the brief details and the history of world popular blue jeans. The main idea of the essay is that how blue jeans came into life and what does it represent. In 1980s, during the time of gold rush, French cotton called denim came into being which replaced canvas and people called it jeans. In 1853, Levis Strauss German manufacturer, though of curving into miners tents. Furthermore, Levis Strauss plans to cut canvas into pants for workers because routine trouser does not accomplish the necessity of them. Also, it can be worn by common man and celebrities. Although, The blue jean is the symbol of equality.

In the essay Blue Jeans: Born to last, the author Leslie C. Smith says that Jeans are functional and down-to-earth and unisexual (Dasgupta, pg.107). The author expressed the qualities of the blue jeans. He explained the jeans are very suitable and can be worn by either male or female. It is very realistic and purposeful. Moreover, it is comfortable and trendy.

The author Leslie C. Smith also talked about the cowboys that: The favoured grab of cowboys, by the 1930s they were an established icon-one that Easterners. Fresh from their vacations on popular dude ranches, were happy to appreciate.(1992, pg. 106). According to this, the jeans become favoured among cowboys in 1930s and it was the symbol of tough nature of American people to the rest of the world. Hence, jeans become a representation of cowboys. It provided cowboys a different identity.

Blue jeans: Born to last, highlight the details of the blue jeans and explained that how jeans introduced to the world and what does it represent. It has slang expressions and informal language. As blue jeans is the most preferred dress in the world. The main purpose of this essay is that a blue pair of jeans is the one common thing between a common man and a superstar as it is the symbol of equality. The audience of the essay is the common people. The essay conveys a good message of equality and harmony.

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