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Published: 2019-10-10 12:34:59
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Everyone is wondering what is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is anxiety disorders that can be develop after being exposure to a terrifying event, which consist of physical harm or threatened (Dryden-Edwards, 2009). Many people suffers from PTSD and dont realize that they have this disorder until they have a flashback, memories, nightmares or frightening thoughts from when they were exposed to events or objects that cause trauma. Everyone responds to this disorder in his or her unique way; however, some people know how to manage fear and stress, but others do not know how to manage fear and stress so they develop PTSD. The event that causes of the PTSD can be from some of the events or trauma which can be consists of the military combat such as war zone, violence attacks, sexual assaults or life threaten events or accidents. PTSD was first notice in military when the veterans came back from war and starting have shell shock and battle fatigue syndrome (Trauma, PTSD, and the Primary Care Provider National Center for PTSD, 2010).

PTSD can happen in the civilian life from being abuse as children or who has been expose to life-threatening events all the time. Victims of trauma that suffer from physical and sexual assault experience the PTSD the worst. I have been diagnosis with PTSD because I was sexual assault in the military and I continue to be treating for my disorder through the Veteran Affairs Medical Center. I know that there is no cure for my disorder expects taken medication and/or having therapy. I see not only the psychiatrist but also psychotherapy for my disorder. It has been hard for me to work, because of what happen to me while I was in the service but with going through therapy I was able to manage my fears and anxiety so that dont affect my ability to do my job. After I got out of military I did had a hard time working around colleagues, trusting anyone include my family, trouble concentrating, trouble speaking in public, fear of failure towards my family and friends.

The appropriate action to treat someone with PTSD is with psychotherapy and/or medication, by going to see a medical doctor. Once going to a medical doctor they will do a complete physical exam and medical history. To treat PTSD the number one goal is to reduce the emotional and physical symptoms, improve their daily lifestyle, and try to minimize the events and/or traumas so that they can go back to life before the event or trauma happen. When you suffer with PTSD, sometimes you can hide PTSD by doing different methods so that the world dont know anything about it by dancing, exercise, some uses alcohol and drugs, and/or become a workaholic. PTSD can cause sleep disorders, suicide, panic disorder, substance abuse, depression and there is others.

In addition, physical medical problems also increase and can include cardiac, dental, intestinal and digestive diseases. Some physicians feel it also increase the risk of cancer among patients with PTSD (Dryden-Edwards, 2009). Today the best thing we can do is not ignored the disorder but getting the help that you will need and how to keep PTSD under control. For myself, I have learned to keep my regular therapy appointments, stay active not only with my children but also make time for myself. I have limit stress around me at all times but sometimes you cant always control stress around you. Life can be like hell as long as you get the help you needed and used the tools necessary to control PTSD without the PTSD controlling you.

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