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The goals equality and quality in education should be of the same importance because education plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of the individual person. While education provides opportunities, it is the quality of education that guarantees the individuals fitness to these opportunities. Randall Curren, citing the work of Gary Orfield, point out that, in the early years of disintegration, it might have been easier to believe that educational opportunity and success translated directly into occupational opportunity (p. 272).

The goal of equality in education insures that everyone have equal opportunity to avail quality education, regardless of race, color, and ethnic origin. The goal of quality in education insures that everyone gets the best learning outcomes that will provide better economic opportunities. Thus, while equality and quality have different goals, yet they have the same importance in education as both is geared towards the improvement of the person. The goals of equality and quality

The word equality is easy to understand but the implication of its meaning encompassed not only the social and the economic status but all the spheres where inequality is serving. The goals of equality are may be too costly given the fact that society is plagued with various ills such as greed, hungry for power, consumerism and materialism, selfishness, and so forth. Stein Ringen cited two interpretations of the goals of equality, the weak and the strong interpretation.

In these interpretations, the goals of equality are not just guaranteeing minimum standards for all members of society in different socio-economic factors but equality in the entire structure of inequality. In other words, equality has to do with human fairness in relation to social and economic matters. Quality on the other hand deals with the totality of characteristics of the finished product. Sunny Baker and G. Michael Campbell stated, Quality is how well the product satisfies the needs of the customer (p. 68).

Thus, the goal of quality is customer satisfaction. Compare and contrast; define; provide one example each. Equality and quality are both important ingredients that are shaping human society. Both were important in its respective domain as key determinant of its kind. A product is determined by its quality while equality determines a fair and humane society. In contrast with quality however, equality talks about people in relation to opportunities around them, Quality on the other hand, talks about products in relation to human standard.

Defining equality is an on-going debate in view of acute problems of en-equalities dominating every spheres of human society. However, a general definition of equality states that equality is characterized as the elimination of formal legal barriers of exclusion based on certain immutable characteristics such as race and gender (Douglas, D. M. 1998 p. 3). Quality on the other hand, is defined as features that are decisive as to product performance and as to product satisfaction. Examples of en-equality and quality One example of equality is the gender equality.

It has been for quite a long time that feminism had struggled before finally women in many parts of the globe gained recognition of equal gender treatment. Gender equality had finally gained recognition. Another example is the equality in opportunity. Although this may not apply in some countries, yet it is now enshrined in the constitutions of the democratic countries to provide equal opportunities to their constituents. And example of quality on the other hand, is a certain product that is free from defect and has passed the prescribed standard.


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