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Published: 2019-10-10 12:34:59
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Comparing and Contrasting The man with the twisted lip with Front There are many similarities and differences in both Front and Twisted lip, but the most apparent relation between the two stories is the keeping up appearances (or keeping down appearances in the case of Twisted lip) theme, meaning they are about someone or something trying to conceal the truth or simply the truth isnt so obvious in the case of Front, the other less prevailing similarities/differences will be analysed later on in the essay.

The beginning of both stories differ quite strongly, Front begins with a narrator describing her experiences of seeing something that she would compare to as one of the seven wonders of the world and there some definite references to class Five streets down the comma after the word down brings emphasis towards it and sets the impression that the narrator feels (or later on in the story, felt) that she is in a sense not worthy, or in awe with her surroundings, as the story shows that she is quite concerned about class, and the economic standings of her and her family as this will be pointed out later on in the essay, and becomes quite obvious when reading the story.

The Writer also gives the reader the impression that this girl thinks very highly of this place, and although she imagines it to be so far above the town she feels she is not good enough, I wanted to be forced to leave, the writer portrays the girl to be intimidated by this site she is seeing as it reads that she did not mention the crescent to anyone afterwards as if I had been trespassing, and needed to conceal the fact with all of these displays of almost worshipfulness and the fact that she thought back on it with great nostalgia the impression the writer has given the crescent would be hard to top.

In Twisted lip however, a character (although not a very substantial one) is introduced as the first word in the story, with a short background on his dead brother and how he died of an opium addiction. This being quite pointless at first is quite a cunning trick the writer has introduced here, as for the next few paragraphs the reader thinks that this Isa Whitney is what the story is based on, the trick being the writer has made the story out to be something it is not, which is intentionally ironic as the story is based on a man trying to conceal the truth.

A more close up view to Twisted Lips construction there a few references to class, like dregs of the docks and a vile alley, these let the reader understand Dr. Watsons train of thought and how he considers himself to be, within the very thick walls separating class at this time. When Watson reaches the opium den he refers to it like it was a tomb, a glimpse of bodies lying and using words like lacklustre, the writer sets a very dark, dreary place and referring to the smoke as gloom.

Soon after Isa makes his way to the cab Sherlock Holmes inevitably makes an appearance, after a brief introduction Isa and his troubles have left the picture and Watson and Holmes take the limelight of the story. This point is quite a major difference as it shows the authors different style of writing compared to Front, as Front has quite a few characters and even less are properly introduced with past family history, whereas Twisted Lip portrays a much larger world to the reader and even though Isa Whitney is key to the irony and depth of Twisted Lip the reader wont realize that until approaching the end of the story, this just shows how similar and quite different the two stories I am comparing are.

When the introduction in Twisted Lip is over and the complication of the story begins to unfold, it seems like another introduction to the actual story (or so it seems) and the previous little fiasco (that to an untrained eye could seem like the baseline of a story) was almost completely irrelevant to the complication of the main plot. This brings the reader to Watson and Holmes sitting in a cab heading to the home of the missing Neville St. Clair and as they travel Holmes tells Watson the story so far.

Sherlock Holmes narrative lasts about fourteen paragraphs long, and describes the events passing and it becomes quite obvious that Holmes has been working on this case for some time. Holmes tells Watson what sounds like a murder inquiry and starts to explain the life of a successful man with a lot of money in the bank, no reason there-fore, to think that money troubles have been weighing upon his mind which facilitates the irony of Twisted Lip as it says later in the narration that the beggar that actually is Neville St. Boone put all his coins from begging that day into his coat to weigh it down. Another hint is when Holmes mentions the cripple looking a powerful and well nurtured man.

The writer is obviously dropping these clues for a reason and an intelligent reader may pick up on these tell tale hints, but they are still very discreet and the impression of a murder story still sets the theme. The lack of references to class in Holmes narrative shows to the reader that Holmes is quite a different man to Watson, and that he doesnt really care about where he stands economically or anyone else, unless it has some relevance to his case for example; he has 220 standing to his credit.

The writer portrays the villa and Nevilles wife to be definitely well off, using the mousseline de soie as a direct indication of the financial security of the missing mans wife and in doing so, adds to the eagerness later on of why Neville had became a beggar if he had all this wealth in the first place, but it is to the readers surprise that his begging money paid for the house as well, this gives the reader the motive to Nevilles begging addiction, the vast amount of money he could make. Showing the characters motives in stories give the characters depth, that is why this was an important point to make.

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