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Published: 2020-03-11 13:02:36
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Describe the accomplishments you have achieved during this course. My first accomplishments are to pass the course of math and work hard on the exam. Im accomplishment in getting a strong foundation in this course. This accomplishment is to understanding many areas covered in math, for examples: whole number, the LCM prime factorization, and simplifying the expressions, Bar graphs and line graphs, proportions, rates and unit prices and ratios, percent problems, using the equations, simple and compound interest. These are example I have achieved this school quarter. Discuss one or two topics or concepts that have been a struggle so far.

The concepts that I have a struggle with this term start with rounding and estimating like for example, I would have something like maybe 47 but I know how you round to the closer which will be 50 and if the whole number is 1. The second concept I been struggle with has been simple and compound interest has been the worse. For example: If I had $1000 into and investment for 1 year. I learn the $1000 is called the principal.

If the yearly interest rate is 8%, in addition to the principal, you get back 8% of the principal you get back 8% of the principal will be for the use of the money overtime. 8% of $1000 you can does like 0. 8 $1000 or $80. 00. Describe one action step you can take to overcome your struggle. One of my action step, Im trying very hard to overcome my struggle to me would be work more on my online classes, learn to turn homework in on time and talk to my Professor more if any probably occur in my math course.

Another struggle has been simple and compound interest use the practice to study before taking any type of test whether you r class or other Professor. I try to use the study plan this has help me accomplishments and make good grade. This has been a course I ready need to pass fail this same class last semester.

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