Development of a Web-Based Student Information System for Secondary Schools in Nigeria Essay

Published: 2020-03-20 21:30:16
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School Management System In most Nigeria secondary schools, the storage, access and management of information is very poor. Information regarding students, their respective classes, and subjects taught in these classes, performance assessment records, grade entry and other forms of data manipulation are generally carried out manually using pen and booklets, in rare cases Microsoft Excel. Access to information can be cumbersome, irritating and frustrating due to poor storage and inaccessibility.

Parents, officials and staff of these schools find it very difficult to get certain information that could enhance their decision-making and completion of an assigned task. I was asked by my instructor to analyze, design, develop and implement a practical solution that will alleviate these problems in a typical secondary school. The purpose of this report is to: 1) Provide details on the functional requirements and design specification of a typical solution. 2) Demonstrate that the requirement that will be stated in (1) above have been satisfied by implementing the solution. ) Provide details of the development process and critically appraise the solution. The objective of this project is to design, develop and implement a computerized system that will enhance access, storage, processing and management of information regarding E-Student Management System student, their studies, teachers and subjects including student performance assessment records. I have designed, developed and implemented a web-based system using technologies in Microsoft .

Net framework 4. 0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 software. A brief detail description of theories and techniques of the design and development of this solution is appraised in this report. Furthermore, an attached appendix explains the models, workflow and the architecture of the application. Users will be able to have access from any computer that has a browser and is connected to the internet. With a graphical user interface, this system is simple, user friendly and intuitive to use.

It is not uncommon to find that many learning institutions in Nigeria, including secondary schools, still keep records in files and tucked them away in filling cabinets where they accumulate dust. Many of these files are often eaten up by rodents and cockroaches thus rendering them irretrievable. A great deal of routine administrative work in schools is still done manually with the state and the Federal government, including the administrators of this institutions showing little or no interest in embracing ICT. The administrative drudgery in secondary school institutions an be better managed through ICT. Secondary education administrative functions include a wide variety of activities such as educational governance, supervision, support services, infrastructure, 5 E-School Management System finance, budgeting, accounting, personnel selection and training system monitoring and evaluation, facilities procurement and management, equipment maintenance, and so on (Thomas, 1987). In most Nigerian schools, officials and staff still go through the laborious exercise of manually registering students, maintaining records of students? erformance, keeping inventory list of supplies, doing cost accounting, paying bills and printing reports. The huge man-hour spent on these exercises can be drastically reduced with IT technologies to enhance overall management procedure. Thomas (1987), said that Computers bring great speed and accuracy to each of these tasks, along with the convenience of storing large quantities of information on žsmall disks or tapes? (P. 5). For the purpose of this project, problems related to the management of information regarding student and their academic work, including teachers and subjects is the matter of concern.

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