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Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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After going through and being asked to react to the following statement, Students who dine solely with members of their own ethnic group and participate in ethnic student organizations and activities contribute to a decline of ethnic relations on campus, I have come to realized that as any other statements theres always two sides and a lot more to consider before coming to a consent as a whole. In my opinion this is very important and should always view both sides of the story Many types of these ethnic groups actions could make it easy and lead to a decline of ethnic relations on campus.

For instance, lets say if ethnic students did everything together as a whole and only participated in ethnic student activities, then it would clearly segregate the campus. Unfortunately no a days, this world for the most part is over the whole whites and blacks racial dividedness and no one should be seeking to head back on that path. Now, campus cafeterias could show a sign of being like that again with several different ethnic groups scattered around. If each ethnic group had its individual organization, I fell that the members could get extremely complacent and start to sense a feeling of superiority.

This eventually could lead to conflict with other ethnic groups throughout the campus. It is very also important to look at how other students will view these ethnic groups. Other students may not like these groups, which once again could cause conflict. Another scenario, students may feel threatened by these groups, therefore making them not want to attend class or socialize around campus. There could also be a chance that these ethnic groups could try to bring down a disliked professor or even another group.

Universities un-affiliated with a religion may deal with groups with strong religious beliefs and could try to implement their religion into the university. Even schools that are represented by a religion are in danger of an ethnic group with other strong religious beliefs. With all of these problems with ethnic groups, could quickly multiply as they also act as networking groups to get more students who share the same background and beliefs to attend the school.

Even graduates could carry this on to their future employers, although experts claim that no network group has ever set out to bring a company down, companies are the next things for college students and bring the risk of having their employees become far too separate from each other. The whole idea of diversity in a company is to make the work place and as uniformly supportive to all cultural backgrounds. By allowing these groups to form, the companies are moving further away from supposedly a fair and diverse population of workers. The segregation of ethnic groups from the rest of the student body largely contributes to a decline of ethnic relations on campus.

If I were to see the other side of this and disagree, I would believe that if students of the same ethnic background only dined and participated in ethnic student activities, then it would not contribute to a decline of ethnic relations on campus. Instead, it would have students who tend to stay surrounded by people of the same ethnic background could feel more free, comfortable and accepted; thus bringing improvements leading to higher grades in the classroom and a more humble attitude towards life. Also being placed within a group will most likely encourage students to go out socialize, take part in campus activities, and enjoy campus life.

This will lead to them interacting with people from different backgrounds. These ethnic groups can also play a vital role in campus activity by hosting fundraisers, parties, or sporting events. Another benefit to being part of an ethnic group is that many voices are better than one. So by having your voice heard out there will help put an end to any discrimination that was happening and will strengthen the campus ethnic relations. Future students looking to attend the school in the years to come may visit the campus and see a group of people who share the same ethnicity or interest as themselves and allure them to come to that university.

These groups working as a form of networking could be a massive tool in attracting a diverse student body while at the same time strengthening ethnic relationships. Having been asked to support the statement or disagree, I would have to say that I agree with the statement. In order to be diverse, the student body as a whole it needs to be integrated at all times. It is one thing to live and be part of a group with people who share the same background; however, they should also be with people of other ethnicities and backgrounds.

One group only interacting with themselves and not acknowledging other groups forms poor ethnic relations habits. I also feel that most ethnic groups will express a religion that will stir up controversy with other groups for one reason or another. By using the groups as a way to persuade new students to attend the school, the groups will quickly grow and possibly cause even more conflict to the university. Ethnic groups will bring nothing more than poor ethnic relations habits to campus and future graduates workplaces causing only a decline in ethnic relations.

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