Dose My Head Look Big in This? by Randa Abdeb-Fattan Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:28:36
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The Novel, Dose My Head Look Big in This? written by Randa Abdeb-Fattan where the main character, Amal, had the challenging decision to either wear or not to wear the hijab. This decision would not only come with advantages, but disadvantages as well. Amal was concerned about her appearance and what others thought. Amal feared being judged by others and she was also concerned that she wouldnt have the necessary courage to justify her decision. Amal managed these challenges in a mature way by talking to others and showed strength by not letting any of it gets to her.

One of the challenges that Amal faced is being judged by people out in public, at school or even at home. Tia and her friends made nasty racist comments and teased Amal in class. Amal and her friends showed strength by talking back and not emotionally letting it get to them. Another challenge Amal faced, was to decide whether she was able to stick to her decision. She realised that there were many disadvantages to being a full-timer, having to justify to teasing, racist comments and pressure. Mum, maybe I shouldnt have worn it¦maybe I was stupid, where am I going to go now? Amal cries to her mother after she is rejected for her interests in a job. Amal shows strength by taking the rejection and putting it behind her. Amal always stands strong and never lets any racial comments or doubts about her decision bring her down, in this way she shows strength.

Another challenge faced by Amal was the likelihood of racist comments when she wore the hijab in public. Tia and other people in Amals life were rude and disrespectful towards Amal because of her decision. When Amal first started wearing the hijab she was faced with the task of explaining her decision to her family and friends, which to Amal was a big deal. Amal parents believed that the hijab would create social problems therefore they disagreed with her decision to go head and wear it. Amal shows strength to all by explaining that her beliefs are extremely important to her and that if she is faced with various issues that need addressing she will explain in an honest and clear way.

Amal shows strength not only towards the public and Tia but to her family as well. When Amal was deciding, her parents, instead of supporting her gave their negative opinion of her decision to wear the hijab. She was disappointed at first with her parents thoughts but understood their concerns for her. This did not change how Amal felt about wearing the Hijab and her beliefs. This is just another instance where Amal chooses to show strength throughout this boring novel. In conclusion Amal stays true to her beliefs and wears the Hijab with confidence. When faced with negative comments, Amal handles this well which highlights her strong character that is apparent in many instances throughout the book.

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