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Published: 2020-03-07 03:20:13
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Have you ever been without electricity for more than an hour? One day? Three days? You never realize how much you value electricity until you are without it. As a society we depend on electricity to run everything from are refrigerator to our businesses to are motor vehicles. Technology is always progressing with new inventions; in the case of the electromagnetic bomb this is no different. The electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb is another form of a weapon of mass destruction. The E-bomb takes advantage of how we rely so heavily on electricity.

It is designed to not just disable but destroy electronic devices by sending out an electromagnetic pulse or an EMP. An EMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation from an explosion, the resulting electric and magnetic fields merge with electronic systems to produce catastrophic currents and voltage surges. An EMP is a form of electromagnetic induction as this is the production of voltage. If an E-bomb were to explode it alters the magnetic flux lines of the earth meaning the North wont be as affected but the East, South and West will experience the eye of the blast if you will.

This would mean thousands of volts of electromagnetic energy from the highest positives to the highest negative polarities transferred via air and power lines. This is an important weapon in have in a war as it can take out your opponents form of communication. This is a unique weapon of mass destruction because it does not directly take the lives of human beings, rather takes the things away that are essential for living.

Even though the E-bomb is still considered to be in a research stage if it were to be paired with a relatively small nuclear warhead that exploded in the atmosphere it could send out enough power to wipe out power coast to coast in the United States. Like stated before even now this type of technology is still in a research phase but there is speculation that the USA used one during the 1991 Gulf War. In basic principles An E-bomb is as complex as a radio (which is not very).

Electric current produces a magnetic field and changing a magnetic field can induce current. To give you an example a small radio transmission emits enough energy to send it to a receiver, what an E-bomb does is highly intensifies the current frying the semi conductor making it beyond repair. The E-bomb is considered a weapon of mass destruction, it does not kill humans directly but it causes drastic effects where it can destroy a society. An electromagnetic bomb acts in a finesse manner as other nuclear war heads bring the power.

This technology is a dangerous power to have and needs to be exercised only in the most extreme circumstances, which there shouldnt be as this world as a whole needs to strive for peace and leave the World Wars behind us. Lets clear something up right now, this technology is simple by deadly and can destroy a countries foundation. Imagine if the USA had permanent power outage nationwide, what would that mean for the richest country in the world? What would that mean for the rest of the work that depends on trading the USA?

When you take out a global player the United States it affects them in an enormous way but every other country and there are a lot of them are now affected in a social and economical manner. Many countries in the developing world depend on the aid that is provided to them by the United States. If such a disaster were to happen to the US they would not be in any position to provide this aid anymore. So many products are manufactured in the USA on a daily basis that is traded to so many other nations that depend on these products.

It affects other countries that now have to provide aid to the United States for them to rebuild their nation. If this was to happen a stalk market crash will occur and here comes another Great Depression. Where ever an E-Bomb goes off it will completely wipe out the areas economy as every electronic device would need to be replaced including all computer systems and motor vehicles. Think about how much data would be lost of a company like Microsoft or Apple was to completely lose their networks.

It makes it very difficult to survive if there is no power to freeze and refrigerate and cook food or retrieve water. Think about how un-healthy it would be to have all the sewage back up and no where to put your garbage. The environment in the affected areas would take a drastic turn for the worse. Granted Nuclear warheads are deadly from the time they explode. An E-bomb will keep the buildings standing but no power to run them. An E-bomb is slow painful death rather then a quick blast¦ you are dead.

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