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Published: 2020-03-17 08:32:55
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Have you ever asked yourself if energy drinks are good or bad for your health? Well, that question came to my mind and many more. I see energy drinks everywhere I go, and that makes me feel intrigued. I see them in commercials, movies, my work, and school. It looks like it is cool to drink them. I have a lot of friends that drink energy drinks every day. I dont know the side effects, but what I know is that energy drinks became very popular in the U. S. Thats why I decided to interview professional nutritionists. First, I sent emails to three different nutritionists of Santa Rosa Junior College.

All of them replied it my email; one of them had medical problems, so she wasnt able to do it. The second one was Anne ODonnell. She said that she would be happy to help me, and she sent me her office time. I told her that I am a student of the ESL program, and I had to do an interview about energy drink. I explained to her that it would be just ten questions, and would only take less than 30 minutes. She was able to be my interviewee, and she was very kind also. Anne ODonnell is a nutritionist who teaches Consumer & Family Studies in Santa Rosa Junior College.

I am so glad that she was the nutritionist that helped me with my interview. First, I was so nervous about this interview even though she was very kind by email. I had many thoughts about how this interview would be. One of my worries was if she would understand my English. The interview was set for Thursday at 11:00 am. I drove 40 minutes from Sonoma to Santa Rosa, during that time, I practiced my questions. I got there around 10:30 am, so I had enough time to get into her office on time. I asked a student where I could find Garcia Hall, and he gave me some instructions.

I was 15 minutes early the meeting at Annes office. When I opened the door, a lovely voice said my name, it was Anne. She was typing on her computer, but when she saw me, she stopped. I introduced myself, and I thanked Anne for her time. She said she was there to help people. She told me to take a seat, and we started the interview. I was prepared for it; therefore, I had my tape recorder, pencil, and my ten questions. I took my tape recorder out of my purse, and I asked her if I could record the interview. She answered; sure honey. Anne was so relaxed and very nice to me; however, I was nervous.

I told myself that everything was fine, and I continued with the interview. I explained to Anne that I would like to know more about energy drinks because people said good and bad things about them. I asked Anne if were any side effects to energy drinks. She said that were two. The first one is that they have a lot of carbohydrates and calories that can cause obesity. The second is that most of energy drinks have stimulants such as caffeine, and they can keep you up at night or they cannot make you feel hungry. She said the high amount of caffeine in many energy drinks can cause dehydration.

She said that small amounts are not harmful. Some people think that energy drinks make you stronger; therefore, I asked Anne if was true that energy drinks give you strength. She said that it was no connection between energy drink and any kind of strength. They can help people to exercises for longer f periods of time or on a higher rate. The exercises of course would build up your muscles and make you feel stronger; but, sitting watching the football game and drinking energy drinks is not going to make you any stronger. It is not in energy drinks that make your muscles stronger.

I see so many people drinking energy drinks every day, but we dont know if that is safe. I asked Anne if it is safe to drink all those energy drinks every day. She said that drank them every day if it is a small amount would be safe. But what is a small amount? She said what really mattered is looking of the rest of the diet. She said that if it is one small drink is perfectly safe. We know that you can become addicted to many things, but can we really get addicted to energy drinks. I thought that this question was very interesting. I asked Anne if people could become addicted to energy drinks.

She said she wasnt sure that they really know, but they certainly know that the body would adapt to high levels of caffeine. She said that the body develops dependency on it. She said that it is not addicted the way as amphetamines or cocaine, but energy drinks can be a dependency because people like the way they feel, and when you dont drink them, you feel more tired. Well, I see people who mix alcohol energy drinks, and I think that mixed those drinks is not safe for you.

Even though those mixed are very popular I have never tried those mixed drinks because I think that it can be harmful for me. I thought that it was another great question that I would like to know the answered. I asked Anne what happened when people mix alcohol and energy drinks. She said that one problem could be that alcohol dehydrated your body, and if you dont drink enough plain water; those two combines, you would be dehydrated. She said that energy drinks increase your blood pressure. She said that another thing is that alcohol depresses your nervous system; so, you dont react fast, but if you drink an energy drink, that makes you think that you can do more than you can do.

She said, physically, you might have problems with your heart or your muscles. She said, for example, those mixed drinks psychologically make you think that you are awake, or you think you can drive a car. But, the alcohol depressed your body, and you can get in a car accident. Well, now I know that mixing alcohol and energy drinks is not safe. As you know, teenagers drink energy drinks because they think that drinking them is cool. We see a lot of commercials where athletes and movie stars drink energy drinks.

Seems cool to drink them; as a result, teenagers do the same thing because they want to seem cool like the movie stars. I asked Anne if it is true that energy drinks may put teenagers at risk. She said those energy drinks had potential harms caused by too much caffeine, included heart palpitations, seizures, strokes and even sudden death. As she said before a small amount is not harmful, but teenagers drink more than one per day. Also, she said that energy drinks could affect calcium that their bones absorb because they are still growing.

I was impressed with those answers, but I wanted to ask the last question, too. I didnt want to take more of her time; however, Anne was relaxed and she answered every single question. As I learned during the interview, energy drinks can put at risk your life. I wanted to know if energy drinks should be prohibited in the U. S. I asked Anne, as a professional nutritionist, if she thinks that energy drinks should be prohibited to be sold. She answered that there is not enough scientific evidence to say they should be prohibited.

She said that was like alcohol drank in large amounts is danger as well; however, in small amounts might help us, but it is not bad. She said that we should have rules and regulation controlling the marketing, and the way it is sold or promoted to children. After that last question, I thanked Anne for that wonderful interview. I was so thankful for the interview with Miss ODonnell because she was so kind and respectful with me. I shook her hand and thanked her again for her time and those great answers. She said that it was her pleasure to help me.

I am so happy that I met Anne. She is very nice woman. Also, she said that if I had any questions, you could contact her by email. The interview took us only 25 minutes, but in that time, I learned too many things about energy drinks. Energy drinks are very popular, but there are side effects of energy drinks that we should be aware of. For example the high amount of caffeine energy drinks can cause dehydration or increased blood pressure. Well, I learned that in a small amount is not harmful; however, a lot of teenagers drink large amounts.

I think that if we abuse something we always will have bad results. As Anne said, mixed alcohol and energy drinks can cause physical problems or being involved in any kind of accident. Another remarkable thing is that teenagers put their life at risk even though they think that drank energy drinks seems cool. Now, I know that energy drinks arent as they seem. I wish that more people could know more about side effects of energy drinks. I wouldnt know this information if I have never chosen this subject. I am glad that I chose energy drinks as my subject for the whole semester.

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