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Published: 2020-03-17 15:31:36
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There are often stories heard about athletes and sportspeople popping steroids in attempts to gaining an edge in their game. Due to the increasing of interest from people in sports and games, there has been an increase in the scale of athletics and world wide sports. Sports has becoming more competitive and aggressive and as a result of this competition, players are under pressure to give their best performance in order to make it to the top, these factors often lead them to the use of steroids which is the stem of many controversies.

This paper will focus on use of steroids in Baseball and how the policies of drug testing insure of demolishing this emerging phenomenon in sportsmen and athletes. Discussion Steroid is a form of drug. They are a type of muscle-building drug that increase the amount of sexual hormones. Steroids are known to enhance performance, reduce injuries and lengthen the careers of athletes and sportsmen. They tend to increase the muscle mass, reduce the level of fat in the body and enhance endurance.

However, there are a number of side effects and tribulations associated with the excessive use of steroids and its use is banned in many countries. (Yesalis 2000) Baseball is a well-known sport and it is one of the most flourishing sporting events in western countries. The use of steroids is becoming common in the field of baseball as it is believed that steroids will enable the players to hit the ball further and longer. The use of steroids in baseball is more of a controversy as no one likes to admit that they are using steroids to enhance their game.

However, there have been demands from the public and other stakeholders in sports that there should be some formal regulation that looks towards this matter and makes sure that the use of steroid is not a part of the performance delivered by any player. With the passage of time and the advent of globalization, sports is expanding and escalating to national and international levels. People are now developing a greater interest in sports and this has lead to businesses in taking attention towards sports events. Games and sports have become more of a marketing gimmick and the players are now expected to perform at higher potentials.

This pressure has lead to the use of steroids which seems like an easy and quick way towards success and fame. There have been a number of regulations that check the athletes and players for their steroid use. There has been criticism that some high priced steroids have surpassed these tests without being noticed and this led to the regulations as being useless because they did not lead to the demolition of the use of steroids. Lately, the Major league baseball has upgraded it drug-testing policy and they now claim that they can test the presence of any kind of steroids.

They have also restricted their penalties and fines so that the players that are once detected of steroid use do not attempt to do it again. (Chronicle, 2005) Sports players are role models for children as well as adults. The use of steroids by players has led younger athletes and aspiring players to assume that it is essential for a successful career in sporting. However, the adverse psychological and physiological effects caused by steroids are not commonly known, especially by children. The new policy on steroids introduced by the Major baseball league is not as lenient as the previous one.

One of the major differences in the new steroid testing policy is that a player that is detected of steroid use the first time will be suspended for 10 days and would be identified publicly. This is a crucial element for players as publicity is a vital aspect for their careers and a player that is recognized as a steroid user and is suspended a couple of times might not be hired to play again. Moreover, as apposed to the previous policy the players would not tested only once during the season, but there would be random check to ensure that there is no player that is using steroids.

(Antonen 2005) The new drug testing policy introduced by the Major baseball league is far more improved and enhanced than the previous policy. It is a fact that the damage caused by the prior ineffective policies is great and it would take sometime to overcome the loss, nevertheless, if this policy is implemented with efficiency then the players would not put their careers at stake in order to get a quick avenue to increased performance and a competitive edge.

The adverse effects of steroids are often neglected when its immediate drastic effects are observed. It is often ignored that steroids can lead to long term psychological impacts such as depression, aggression and mood swings as well as physiological effects as worse as liver damage and cancer. It is very important to cease the use of steroids from players as these players have an impact on general public and children that are vulnerable to the attractions of these drugs.

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