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Published: 2020-03-16 03:50:51
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When I first heard about this assignment I wasnt sure what I was going to write it about. The possibilities seemed endless, and the door seemed wide open. Instead of doing something elaborate like acting pregnant or something of that sort, I decided to go the easier route: people watching. Simply watching people go about their days in a public place, like Wal-Mart or Target, is fascinating. To spice up this project Christian and I decided to people watch on none other than the famous Black Friday. This provided us with many funny stories, and good details.

It took people watching to an all new extreme that was perfect for the purpose of this paper. Black Friday isnt a legitimate holiday, but with how its celebrated in America, it might as well be. This day is also known as the day after Thanksgiving where thousands of stores mark their prices down, marking the beginning of holiday shopping season. Everybody wants to score a good deal, right? Of course, but people across the country go nuts for this date. Stores open at midnight, and even on Thanksgiving night, while people wait hours outside the doors, desiring to be the firsts to get their hands on these deals.

Personally, neither Christian nor I have ever gone Black Friday shopping. Neither of us thinks all the trouble is really that worth it. Our plan was simple: stay up on Thanksgiving night, and wait for Target and Wal-Mart to open. We werent there super early, so we didnt get a good spot in line, but thats beside the point. There were hundreds of bundled bodies lined up on the side of Wal-Mart waiting for the doors to open. We nestled our way into the line and waited. We waited, waited, and waited.

Finally an employee announced that theyd be opening the doors in five minutes. Everyone stood up, anxious for the line to start moving. Five minutes went by quickly and the doors were finally open. Once the doors were unlocked, mass chaos broke out in the line. People were pushing and shoving to crowd into the two sliding doors. People from the back of the line were subtly trying to wiggle up towards the front of line, unnoticed. Christian and I hung back and let the craziness form around us. Once we were finally inside Wal-Mart we proceeded to walk around.

We made our way to the back where the toy section is, thinking we would get some good observing back there; sure enough, we did. Women in their mid-forties were fighting over Barbie jeeps, and even some men. Cops were swarming the place to help avoid fight and what not, but these women werent having it. A young man squeezed himself in the middle of the ladies and made a grab towards the second to last Barbie Jeep. A woman came out of nowhere and shoved him. He retaliated by making another grab at the jeep and this time she punched him in the eye!

Very harsh words were exchanged between the two before a police officer quickly jumped on this opportunity to break up this soon-to-be fight, and told the lady to move on. Christian and I made a move towards the electronic section, knowing people would be all over the half-priced TVs. The scene was similar as the last; grown men and women were yelling at each other over who had the TV first. Though no one threw punches, the fight they had going with words was just as bad. Police officers had to escort some people out.

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