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Published: 2020-01-18 15:32:46
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Within this paper the reader will read about 3 to 4 companies the author would like to work for with detailed explanations as to why. Furthermore, the reader will learn ways of engaging those companies in the most effective manner in communication that guarantees the authors acceptance of those position(s), and what makes the author potentially valuable to those companies. In short, YOU the reader will learn the, who, what, and why of piecing a proposal (an elevator pitch) together while keeping it short and simple. The elevator pitch that will be used depends on what position you would like to expose oneself to within/for the organization. For now, let us check out potential companies the author envisions himself working for. Then we can look a few elevator pitches that will guarantee the authors acceptance.

Ideal Company(s) to Work For/With

One of the authors ideal company(s) to work with would be in the area of market advertising. Reason being is that the author has a sincere belief that influence plays a major role in economic growth and development if not the opposite depending on what is being promoted. So the ideal company would be a company called LGA (http://lgaadv.com/). Another interest is management for a company therefore, the ideal company the author would like to work with is Integrated Management Associates (http://www.ima-pm.com/) who specializes in developing leadership skills from self capture-to-company capture perspectives. Finally, trading/negotiating is another interest the author admires. So sales would be an ideal career and likes Wal-Mart (http://www.walmart.com/).

Does He Got What It Takes

The author has somewhat an experience related background in those fields. For an example: The author as a young man handled voluminous orders and door-to-door sales for a direct marketing company (he wishes to not mention the name). His aggressive persistence and way with words ushered him straight to the top. Moreover, his desire to work with others in his interest in trading (in which he was exceptional at) gave a desire to work with like minded individuals- so obtaining a degree in the services of Management enabled the author to learn skills in communication, observation, integration, coordinating, and specialization. Although the author doesnt remember what was said that placed him in positions of power in recent years, but since developed, let us look at his elevator pitch in obtaining a career of his dreams on a macro-level. To get a bit more creative, he would choose to be President of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

An Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch that will be used to explain the authors value to those companies is as expressed below for the local companies and the position for a seat as president also. The pitch is as so: Hello, my name is Brandon White, also known as BWU. I will be obtaining a degree in business management with a concentration in management and have recently graduated from the University of Phoenix. I am looking to add value to your company/constituents with learned skills I have developed over decades. I recently written an article revealing the phenomena. Can I invite you to my summit to elicit your inquires? The pitch, does it sound as if it is coming from someone who wants to simply work and stay at the bottom of the totem poll? The author certainly doesnt think so, however, the pitch does reveal a drive to reveal something that is only possessed by the deliverer. The author basically states that developing a pitch that entails/projects confidence, influence, and room to give the listener room to ask questions wins if responses are in harmony with the observers question(s).

Best Ways to Make Contact

According to the author, best ways to make contact would be in the most effective form of communication- writing. He writes that because the communication would be void of all emotions as oppose to speaking over a telephone or in person and listening to reactions stemming from emotions.
And the same would be applied for those needed to contact that may have influence in the hiring process. Granted, the author isnt saying create something so influencing that doors will be opened for you, but injecting different levels of communication for different levels of positions. For example, if you wanted to land a gig working within a company your communication would reflect an ability to work well with others, being able to follow directions, and having some form of dependability. However, if you wanted to land a gig running a company, one must know how to nurture that company to the point all the above answers for working that company would be included while being able to communicate and execute those actions.

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