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Published: 2020-02-04 04:30:50
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1. Do my best to finish all the three tasks in English course
2. Enlarge my vocabulary
3. Improve my writing and speaking skills

Long-term goals
Have TOEIC and OPlc test in next years winter vacation and get the level at least 900

Action plan
For short-term goals

1. I need to spend enough time on doing the tasks and e-portfolio of the English course. And do my best to work with my partner or group member to complete the tasks. 2. I have some problem about vocabulary which influences other aspects of my English study. So I think it is really important to enlarge my vocabulary. The first way is making a study group in Academy. I have done one and a half of them and find it really helpful because there are some tasks we can do to use the words so that we can remember the words. Reading the English Articles and watching the English Movies are also good ways. Another thing I can do is using the word cards and reviewing them frequently. 3. To improve my writing skill, write the passage in English frequently and try to prevent the grammar mistakes. To improve my speaking skills, actually there are a lot of opportunities. I can speak English everyday by using telephone English to enhance my pronunciation. And I also need to speak more in class or just chat with exchange students and local students.

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