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Published: 2020-03-17 03:01:06
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When working in a group, one cannot help but find things to disagree on. I dont believe that is a deliberate choice; I believe that is just the way things are, since each person is endowed with the faculty of reason. In one of my experiences in working with a group, I had to decide within myself whether I would exercise my freedom to comment or maintain my silence. I remember having to work in a group while in college, and we were tasked with finishing a paper and thereafter presenting it in class.

While writing the paper we chanced upon materials that have been submitted to our professor by the previous years class. The said materials contained all relevant research and findings that we would need to make an excellent report. My group mates wanted to use the materials so we could save on time and effort. Moreover, using the materials we discovered would better our chances at landing better grades, which would be beneficial for all of us. I kept waiting for one of the members of the team to speak up and challenge the morality of the groups plan.

However, I heard nothing but agreement. In my heart I felt what we were about to do was wrong, but still I struggled with the fear that I would be an outcast if I talked against them. I definitely felt the pressure of the need to conform. However, I knew that I could not live with the fact of cheating, so I told them I did not feel comfortable with the plan. I said there is a grave danger of expulsion if we were caught cheating. My group mates thought I was being self-righteous at first, but the fear of expulsion and grave reprimand led them to accept my position.

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