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Published: 2020-02-03 23:02:54
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Friendship can be defined as the mutual relationship that occurs between two individuals. It is created when one is feeling comfort and emotionally safe when sharing his/her thoughts with the other. For one to be called a friend, then that person should be in a position of showing a better understanding of the other and also assures him or her to be by his or her side in every emotional crisis. There are many attributes that are considered to build true friendship; in this essay we consider three attributes. First, friendship is based on trust no matter any obstacles on the way. Friendship means that there exists honesty between the parties.

Finally, friendship means that the parties are not opportunists. When friends trust each other, it means that at any time that one friend falls in trouble the other will help without having a second thought. One should be free in the sharing of secrets and emotions without any fear of being betrayed. When friends trust each other, one is able to offer pieces of advice and protection to the other when faced with challenges in difficult situations. In friendship, people will be able to share their vulnerabilities with their friends because they believe in each other that no one should take advantage of the openness.

Some of the elements associated with trust are good companionship, love, good rapport, relaxation, and comfort when together in all circumstances. Finally, if friends trust each other, then one will be able to predict what the other is capable of doing when any situation might arise Friendship means that honesty prevails at all times. This means that the friends should be positive to each other and also should poses attributes such as truthfulness and straightforwardness in any situation. Friends should not act in any manner that demonstrates any form of mistrust, lying, cheating and even theft of any kind.

Honesty in friendship means that the friends will tell the truth about any action taken, being sincere, fair, honorable, and loyal towards the maintenance of their relationship. When friends are honest to each other, one should be able to tell another the negative attributes possessed by him or her and try to make the situation better. Honesty in friendship is also created when there is a bond and trust created between the parties such that there is an unconditional openness created in every individual. Friendship is not based on opportunists.

This means that the friendship is not created for the purpose of having something malicious to gain from the relationship. True friendship basically portrays selflessness; one should not view the other as taking advantage of him or her after establishing a relationship. In true friendship, a relationship is created where people trust and love one another unconditionally. One should not take advantage of the other when trouble overcomes another. Opportunists run away when the benefits flicker off, but true friendship does not base their relationship on material aspects but on the emotional and psychological foundations.

Therefore, friendship is the only relationship that is able to go through difficult situations and circumstances. It is cemented on neutrality and unconditional requirements. Due to the affection, loyalty, respect, love, trust, honesty, and non-opportunists, friends are able to create a strong bond that brings together people in the society. This will encourage the individuals to have good moral behavior in the society as a result of all the specific qualities of friendship.

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