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Published: 2020-03-24 07:40:32
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East Los Angeles College (Los Angeles) Experience: Secondary Mathematics Teacher (Nov 2008-Present) Teacher for the Jaime Escalante Mathematics Program. Technical competence in the use of the technology in the classroom. Developed a remedial curriculum using innovative and alternative teaching techniques. Knowledgeable in the use of differentiated curriculum for instructing multiple modalities.

Helped English as a Second Language students, at risk students, and gifted high school students. Developed curriculum for Middle School Mathematics Enrichment program. Santa Barbara High School (Santa Barbara, CA) (Sept 2006-Apr 2007) Huntington Park High School (Los Angeles, CA) (Feb 2005-Jun 2005) Student Teacher Helped students with English as a Second Language in successfully comprehending Algebra 1 and 2, as well as Geometry lessons

Effectively motivated underrepresented students and students with troubled backgrounds to maximize their academic potential and perform to their abilities and beyond. Helped the teacher in charge in correcting and grading homework, quizzes, and examinations. Contributed in composing for curricula in Geometry and Algebra 1 and 2 according to California standards. Delivered effective formal instruction under supervision. Initiated computer technology in presenting content and introducing activities.

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