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Published: 2020-02-17 05:02:25
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What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities and what you have gained from your involvement I am an international student and I have been exposed to a variety of cultures. I am from Hong Kong but I came to study in the United States. My other dealings exposed me to other unique cultures. The US also has a diverse set of students which further gave me exposure to different cultural backgrounds.

This exposure to unique cultures developed my interest in global studies. This is also one of the main reasons why I have chosen to pursue global studies as my intended major. Since I am an international student, I have realized that globalization is important as it would make the entire world seem like a single country. I believe globalization will benefit everyone. When I was rendering community service with the AGS, I realized that with globalization, we could reach out to more people in God-forsaken areas.

Poor countries that do not have an abundant supply of necessary resources will have greater access to the international market. Poor countries in Africa and Asia can be aided by prosperous countries in other parts of the world. This is possible with globalization. Globalization would also help to improve relationships between countries and therefore improve the global economy. I want to study the effects of globalization as it has different social, industrial, economic, political, financial, as well as cultural implications. I believe those who oppose globalization are afraid of change.

Much of the world is afraid of change but change is not always bad. Usually, it is for the better. Let us say, a poor African country is in need of food while another more prosperous European country is in need of raw materials. With free trade because of globalization, these two countries can open their markets to each other without having to pay additional taxes. This is better for their people. The African country can trade food for raw materials. In this kind of setting, there is mutual relationship between the two countries, thus, this is good globalization.

Globalization would also lead to better flow of information and this is already manifested in the Internet, which is considered as a tool for globalization. The Internet creates a singular cyber world that is overflowing with information. I strongly believe that globalization will pave the way for the world to be more successful. I want to further understand the implications of globalization. Globalization may be good in my own view but there are still some things about it that I do not understand. Pursuing global studies will allow me to understand this in a brighter concept.

It would also allow me to identify the negative effects of globalization. I know that globalization has negative sides since a lot since a lot of people are against it. I would like to possess the knowledge to help identify and even eliminate the negative effects of globalization. I believe I can greatly aid the society this way. Prompt #2: Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are?

As a student, I experiences some hard times because of several personal circumstances. But what I am very proud of is that I always made progress after such trying times. I was just 18 when I came to Los Angeles to study and because I had to make certain adjustments, particularly because the language used as a medium instruction was different since I am from Hong Kong. On my first semester, I received a D on my Economics class. I was not satisfied so I worked harder. I retook the subject the following semester and my hard work paid off as I received an A for my grade.

All this I did because of careful planning. In my Anthropology class, I received a W mark as I was unable to religiously follow my schedule as I was diagnosed with kidney infection. I had to make regular visits to the doctor and the pain sometimes made me unable to attend class. Now that I am better, I plan to retake this subject in the winter. And with nothing else in my way, I can handle it to the best of my abilities and I am confident that I will get an excellent mark because I am determined. Also, even as I have experiences some hard times, I still maintain a very good GPA of 3. 75.

I always tend to excel in my studies and even as I experience some trying times, I have always made an effort to recuperate. My undying resolve coupled with careful planning is an aspect that I believe contributes greatly to my success. I believe that this same aspect will allow me to be successful in any path that I take. When I fail a task, I always try again and I always do my best to achieve the best results. This has not failed me yet. Whenever, I put my mind to it, I always achieve great things. Of course, this does not only mean that one needs to be determined to be successful.

One needs to carefully plan everything to pave the way for success. Planning is critical. It is important to develop this skill even as a student as one can surely make use of this very effective skill in his/her professional career. Planning allowed me to balance between my studies and my other dealings. Academics are important but one must remember that studying is not just about academics. I have always been involved in extra-curricular activities. This way, I can enjoy student life and not treat it as a burden like many students do.

Also, one must carefully plan and develop study habits since this is important for a student. For me, this is important so that I will have enough time to attend to other matters aside from academics. I always try to sneak in some form of leisure like going out with friends or just relaxing. When faced with a problem, I analyze everything carefully in order that I could make an informed decision. Every decision that I make is an informed decision. This is the person that I am; I never let anything get out of hand through careful planning. And with my undying resolve, there is nothing that I could not accomplish.
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