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Published: 2020-04-22 08:26:25
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Our Company provides a complete line of laundry services from laundry shop construction and carpentry services such as basic set-up, design, renovation, and equipment installation, to other services like; comprehensive training for laundry operations, equipment maintenance, repair support, marketing support, and also provide laundry chemicals for sale.

We bring to you our exceptional industry knowledge with a wide background in laundry Operations Management and Hands-on Training. Equipped with over 10 years of experience in the laundry industry, we work hard to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs as we follow a robust process. Our experience and knowledge has helped many clients to achieve increased turnover and productivity in a safer, more efficient work environment.

We also run Fluff and Fold Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services as our brand of Laundry Shop that we use as venue for our Hands-on Training Services. Fluff and Fold Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services will be soon be available for franchising.


Laundry Shops can be seen like mushrooms popping in and out of the metropolis. If you take a look closer, these laundry shops are mostly full of laundry either packed in plastics ready for pick-up, sorted in baskets ready for washing, or inside the machine spinning.

A laundry business is one of the simplest business that you can think of since it doesnt require a lot of skill to operate and manage. A simple individual can be one of your staff and anyone can manage this business because it is not too complicated.

Because it is a simple business doesnt mean it is not profitable, so if you are looking for a simple business that you can start today, then laundry business is the one for you!

Here are the simple steps that you can follow in order for you to start your own laundry business:

1. Register your laundry shops Business Name.

* It is important that you already have a business name in mind so that you can already start. At the very least, reserve your name online or personally in DTI (for sole proprietorship) or SEC (for partnership and corporations). This will give you a kick start in order for you to act. Once you have your business name, you will surely feel more excited and raring to go! This is very important specially to those first timers in the business industry. In most cases, the hardest thing to do is to take the first step. So this is the first baby step for you.

2. Look for a location for your laundry.

* Simultaneous to your business name registration, you should also be looking for a location of your laundry. A good location is accessible and in good proximity to your target market. Make it clear to the lessor the terms and conditions in renting their space including, but not limited to the rules for site construction, turn-over, penalties and withholding taxes. You will be needing your Lease Contract in the succeeding business permit registrations.

3. Attend a Comprehensive Laundry Business Seminar.

* There are a lot of institutions offeringlaundry seminars nowadays. Attending such will cost you just a few bucks, so if you are really serious in plunging into business and you want to know from the experts, this is a must. Laundry Seminars costs about P2,000-P4,000 depending on the experience you will get. Some laundry seminars are all theoretical and there are some that can offer you a hands-on experience. My advise, choose wisely.

4. Dress-up your laundry shop.

* By dressing-up means completing everything you need in and out of your store. You will basically need the machines (washer and dryer) and its fixtures, cabinets, tables, and counter. You will also need to do the painting job, electric connections, drainage and exhaust, and also the signage in and out of your laundry shop. * Take note that you can either choose to do it your own, buy a laundry franchise, or contact a laundry consultancy company that can help you with the overall construction for just a minimal fee. Good laundry consultancy companies can provide everything you need at a reasonable price. Beware of those who offer consultancy at a very low price as the quality of workmanship might suffer and your machines might get easily damaged and eventually cost you more in the long run.

5. Recruit your personnel.

* For a start, you will need at least 2 staff for your business to get it going. People who are jobless and those who are willing to be a household helper are the qualified staff for your laundry shop.

6. Train your staff and yourself with the operations.

* It is important that you as the owner knows the ins and outs of the operation. You can train alongside with your staff so that if any problems arise concerning your staff, you can always be there to the rescue! * Good Laundry Consultancy and Training Companies usually include training of your staff in their package so if I were you, I will opt for these good deals. There are also a few laundry seminars that give Hands-on exercises to their attendees so that you will through practice and not just in theory.

7. Register your business with the local government.

* You can do this immediately after you have completed step 1 and 2. Once you have your business name and lease contract, you can start processing your Barangay Permit. Next is to process your Mayors Permit, then your BIR Registration. Employee benefits is also a must in the Philippine business setting nowadays so registration in SSS and Pag-IBIG is also mandatory.

You are now more than ready to start your own business and I hope you enjoy the laundry business world!

For more questions and inquiries, you can contact me at my contact details below and I would be more than willing to help you.

Jen Boncay
laundry Consultant
Golden Fiber Chem Solutions Co
Sun: 0922-8118932
Smart: 0947-3569134
Landline: 342.6209
Email: [email protected]

Advantages of a Laundry Business

Ever wonder why there are a lot of laundry shops sprouting like mushrooms in your neighborhood? There must be some reason that people are opting to put up this kind of business. Here are some of the advantages of a laundry business:

1. Profitable A laundry business is definitely profitable as some of the laundry shops even expand with a number of shops located in different locations. Just after 9 months to 1 year, a properly managed laundry business can have its Return of Investment (ROI).

2. Low Capitalization Requirement You can establish a laundry shop for less than P300,000 where business permits, processing, and your working capital is already included. You can opt to use your credit card to purchase your machines if you are on a limited start-up budget.

3. Simple to Operate and Manage The operations in a laundry shop is not rocket science. One can easily master the operations through a comprehensive one week training that some laundry consultants provide. Managing this kind of business, on the otherhand, doesnt require special skills but you only need your common sense to dictate the operations and make your business successful.

4. Low Operating Expenses Since washing clothes doesnt need too much special process, its operating expenses are not too high. The people that you can hire are at the same level of your helpers at home. You also do not need a big space to run laundry operations as the major operations are already performed by the machines.

5. Large Demand Laundry of clothing has always been a necessity for everyone. We all wear some clothes daily and we need to do our laundry at least once a week. Every family that you encounter is a potential market. Every household has its laundry. This is a guarantee that you will always have your portion of the market around the area of your shop.

6. Cash Sale Basis Cash is King! Most laundry shops cater the residential market and these people almost always pay their laundry in cash. With this, you can easily roll over your cash and will not require your business too much working capital.

A Laundry Business has a lot of advantages and always remember that there will always be a portion of a market that you can tap. So start your laundry business now and start earning like everyone else in town!

Reasons Why People pay for Laundry

People nowadays almost always pay for a laundry. Be it through laundry shops at the corner of the streets or having a house helper. Others hire a lavandera and pay them on a daily basis to do their laundry. Most of us do not want to do our own laundry. But the reality is, CLOTHING IS A BASIC NEED, so weall need to face this situation and solve our laundry problems, and we encounter this at least once a week.

Since clothing is a basic need, then LAUNDRY IS A MAJOR HOUSEHOLD CHORE.

The more people you are in your house, the more laundry you have to do. And the more laundry you have to face, the more frequent you have to face the pile of laundry sitting in your laundry baskets. People do not want to do their laundry, and if they cannot find a house helper or a classic lavandera to do their laundry at their own house, then they will have to go to YOU. Yes, if you have a LAUNDRY SHOP then these people who do not want to wash their clothes (and I guess youre one of them once in a while) will go to your laundry shop and avail of your services. Another major reason why people nowadays pay for laundry is our CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE.

1. People dont have the time. Since people divulge too many time for work, either in office or in business, they do not have much time to do their laundry. When they got home early (which happens rarely), they just want to take a rest rather than to wash clothes. In busy cities, traffic is just crazy! Their time is just wasted in the street trying to come home early. People working in the BPO or call center industry mostly spend time in the office during the night and then spend time in the morning resting and sleeping. Doing laundry is just too time consuming. 2. People dont have the space. Most people working in the metropolis are living in condominiums in which they have very little, if not no space at all for doing their laundry. This is the reason why Laundry Shops in condominiums are always a hit!

3. People dont have a helper. Nowadays, it is very hard to find a trusted and reliable house helper that can multitask and do various household chores. Other families simply cannot afford to pay house helpers fixed monthly salaries since prices of basic commodities are steadily going up. 4. People dont have the machine. People would rather spend their hard earned money to buy gadgets like the iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablets, cellular phones, etc. They would not considering buying washing machines before these gadgets. 5. It is more convenient. At the start of this article, we talked about how most people do not want to do their own laundry. It is more relaxing to chat in coffee shops than to do their laundry. It is more exciting to be in front of the computer and surf the internet than to do laundry. It is easier reading this blog than to do laundry. So people will just pay and go to the laundry shops to do their laundry.

If you are thinking of putting up a laundry shop as one of your businesses or simple your first business then I think this article says you are in the right track. Continue dreaming big! Your laundry shop could be the first step to your entrepreneurship journey! Start your laundry shop business now by attending laundry seminars or seek help through laundry consultants and they can help you start-up your laundry with their laundry set-up packages.

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