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Published: 2020-01-16 01:53:03
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Hazel who worked for Fortune 500 Company for 15 years shows her loyalty and devotion in the company. It is surprising therefore why she was one of the chosen employees to be terminated by the new CEO to downsize the company. It is a question whether Hazel tried to ask the company why she was terminated despite the fact that she has been with the company in the long period of time. It is a need for her to know to fully understand the reasons. It might be even beneficial for her in long run to improve her weaknesses, flaws and mistakes if there are any.

The rejection shes receiving from her application in finding employment must be very hard for her. But her need of survival motivated her to try another line of job. It must be very challenging since she was used to office or paper works perhaps, from the company she previously worked to. Moving lawns, weeding gardens, and trimming shrubbery are all not an easy job. It requires so much energy, effort and perspiration. But Hazel perceived it optimistically believing that it will do her good in the long run.

After 15 years being used to be governed and overshadowed by the companys superiors, rules and policies, Hazel is now taking a different path. She can be more creative in this way in managing her life in terms of time management, communication with her clients, service price and all. Now everything is not routinary. In addition to this she can be more in touch with her clients thus creating opportunities to make friends and learn more. From being an employee, she now has her own business in accordance to her interest and creativity.

She can creatively fashion her neighbors backyard. Her business will eventually give her opportunities to apply her learnings from her previous job. It is not bad to make some switch in career at times especially with Hazels case after a number of years of building experience and gaining knowledge in one particular field or profession. However switching a career can be wonderful chance to identify some careers that match well with your skill set and personality. Hazel will learn to be flexible in the long run who can both explore blue and white collar jobs.

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