How to Deal with Peer Pressure Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:26:25
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We meet new people every day. Most of them will become our friend because we teenagers easily bloom into friendship with others. Sometimes, we will face some peer pressure. So, we must learn how to deal with it. First, we must know how to say no. We should not have the thinking of carrying out the destructive activities, if not we are going to be addicted. We must also say no to those who invite us to play truant. We should not be easily influenced by others. Get help from someone we trust. We should not trust people around us easily because no one know whether he or she can be trust. Besides, we must choose our friends wisely because true friendship is not easy to come by.

It requires support, trust and understanding. We should avoid choosing a friend who treat us bad and dont try to be a hero and think that we can change his or her bad attitude. We must be a wise teenager in order to avoid bullies or being bullied. Besides that, self defense is very important. We should avoid going those dark areas. We must always keep ourselves safe. Self confidence is very important too. With self confidence, we can make a good decision no matter where are we. For example, when we face problems, we can solve it easily without feeling scared. Lastly, we must try our best to deal with peer pressure so that we will not easily influenced by others.

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