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Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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Jackson became one of the trendsetters of the modern art movement. His technique, materials and perception of art distinguished him from other equally talented 20th century artists. The artworks that he produced represented his enigmatic character. Though many were amused with his painting, there were also those who questioned his artistic talents and knowledge. But he did not let these criticisms compromise his distinct creativity.

Pollock was categorized as an Abstract Expressionist artist primarily because of his infamous drip paintings including the Convergence. These drip paintings were painted on a large canvas on the floor. According to Pollock, painting on the floor made him feel closer to his painting. He was able to work on the different angles of the canvass by walking around it. This unusual technique was considered by Pollock as a way of being a part of the painting not just the typical creator of it.

The act of letting the the paint drip into the canvass generated prolonged and continuous lines in which the paintings were dominated by white and black and sometimes there were hints of exciting bold colors. In addition, the drips of the paint were able to create a three dimensional effect making it tactile and visually appealing. With regards to the choice of materials, Pollock utilized uncommon paints and brushes. His paints were industrial and household paints that he described as the natural growth out of a need (Boddy-Evans, 2008, What Paint Did Pollock Use? ). Meanwhile, the brushes were deteriorated and hard to let the paint naturally drip down the canvas. Pollock explained his painting method as new needs need new techniques meaning the modern age requires new approaches to reflect its real essence (Boddy-Evans, 2008, What Paint Did Pollock Use? ).


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