Liquids and Solids Essay

Published: 2020-03-18 22:20:54
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It is useful for you to know the boiling and melting point of a substance so that you can know if the substance is a pure form or if it has any additional chemicals added to it. B. How would you determine the melting of a substance whose melting point is higher than 100°C? Another substance other than water in the beaker would have to be used to see melting point that would be higher than 100 ? C such as glycerol or silicon oil. C.

What would be the effect of increasing the amount of crystals in the capillary tube? *There would be no difference if the amount of crystals were in the capillary tube because the melting point is still at the same temperature. D. List sources of error and explain how they would affect your end results. My sources of error were not logging the temperature at the exact time that the last bubble came out and the exact time the chemical melted.

That affected my ended results by being slightly off then what the actual melting point of boiling point actually were. Conclusion: In conclusion today I learned how to determine the melting point of a substance and how to determine the boiling point of a liquid using the capillary tube which I found very fascinating. I also learned the importance of know the melting point and boiling point of a substance.

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