Logon Identification and Password System Essay

Published: 2020-02-11 00:01:29
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This is with reference to the managements approval to upgrade our Information Technology (IT) system or the structure of our computer processor in order to expedite the hospitals operational processing. As the Information System Director of this hospital, I highly recommend the introduction and/or implementation of a Logon Identification and Password System or what we may technically refer to as the LIPS. The LIPS, which will be applied and carried out in our central processing unit, will require that once a user enters into the system, the computer unit prompts or requires for a users name and password.

The said details should have been previously registered in the system so that it will be recognized because if not, the user will be unable to use any computer unit of the hospital such as our desktop computers and laptops or notebooks. Once this recommendation is considered, the system will work in such a way that it will speed up the computer processing which concerns all the possible information of each patient particularly his or her medical records in the hospital.

Additionally, the LIPS aims to lessen the workload of concerned hospital personnel because the processor or mainframe will simplify the works which need to be done such as the computer processing of patients admission, laboratory results, billings and other related matters. Most importantly, the rationale behind this LIPS recommendation is the hospitals objective to adapt and keep abreast with the technological demands and necessities of todays modern setting. In doing so, we will be able to provide our public with an exceptional hospital service. For your information and approval.

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