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Published: 2020-04-22 08:26:25
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Visiting the Everglades National Parks Long Pine Key Rockland Habitat, I felt like one of the billions of people on earth right now that are tired of their hustle and bustle lifestyles albeit addicted to them. Like those people, I have a daily schedule that leaves me little or no time to consider visits to beautiful places such as the Pine Key Rockland Habitat on a regular basis. We make plans to take vacations, and we watch television as though it is a necessity. But, the Long Pine Key Rockland Habitat reminds me that there is much more to real life than we imagine we have the time to dwell on.

What if all of us talked about pine rocklands and other marvels of nature on a daily basis leaving our toxic thoughts about people and situations behind? Life, I believe, would be far more pleasant if we only took the time to experience change within ourselves. Indeed, the Pine Key Rockland Habitat did not only inspire calmness in me but also encouraged me to discuss my thoughts on modification of mindsets with close friends. I believe that the fresh air of the Pine Key Rockland is mind altering especially if we have spent too long a while in a cluttered region of the world.

People throng cities to raise their standards of living and compete to purchase new technologies not only to raise their standards of living further but also to show off. Yet, places that take us back to our roots as human beings continue to beckon us home. There is much more to life, they inform us. Instead of trying to be like everybody else, take your time to visit such places in order to reconnect with your roots and become original in your thinking. I felt that the Long Pine Key Rockland Habitat was communicating with me thus.

I wrote a poem along these lines because poetry allows me to express my most important thoughts in a few words. Use of many words reminds of noisiness and even noise pollution associated with our hustle and bustle lifestyles. Poetry, on the other hand, takes me back to the Pine Key Rockland Habitat with its aura of calm. My poem about Pine Rocklands is a sonnet, A Picture of the Earth As Seen from Outer Space. I chose the sonnet form because it is convenient to use. This style of poetry is traditionally used for songs of love.

Because love was an essential feeling for me to feel toward the Pine Rocklands as they took me beyond the tense hustle and bustle lifestyle to soothe my nerves, the sonnet form was appropriate to use. The sonnet is about reconnecting with all that remains glorious on the earth at a time when humans develop complicated machinery to leave it. After careful studies, scientists conclude that they are still unable to find habitable places like earth beyond earth. Earth remains as home and life on it is not never-ending.

Thus, the poem has the Long Pine Key Rocklands Habitat telling the individual with more on his hands than he can manage to take a break and return to his roots in his thinking. It is a given that the reader, as though traveling beyond earth on a complex piece of machinery, cannot give up on his hustle and bustle lifestyle completely to return to life in a forest. The Pine Rocklands understand this, which is why they advise the reader to approach it for greater knowledge than before instead of entirely disregarding it.

Humans did not have to create the Pine Rocklands, so therefore gaining knowledge through the ecosystem is easier than developing machinery to leave the earth. Like a rocket in space, the Pine Rocklands are known to burn in order to maintain themselves. The main difference between the two is the following: space ships remind us of mans ingenuity while pine rocklands remind us of God, the creator of marvels of nature. In a dog eat dog world, I believe it is necessary to remember God so as to be well-behaved and advise others to be so, too.

Although my poem, A Picture of the Earth As Seen from Outer Space does not reflect on God, it clearly defines the differences between God-made technology, which is the Pine Rocklands, and man-made technology, that is, the space ship that human beings seem to have escaped on. The space ship is a metaphor for our hustle and bustle lifestyles. Because the Long Pine Key Rocklands burn in order to sustain themselves, the metaphor was useful. But the main facet of the Pine Rocklands discussed in this poem is their appearance as a wonder of nature untouched by the hustle and bustle lifestyle of modern people.

The Pine Rocklands are not only worth visiting but also remembering through photographs and pictures we save in our memory banks. Moreover, they offer an overabundance of knowledge. This, too, is touched upon in the poem. After all, scientists may study biodiversity in the Pine Rocklands just as well as psychologists may conduct research on relaxation there and seekers of truth may ask for reasons behind things within themselves or from God. What is more, the Pine Rocklands of the Everglades National Park are not the only place on earth to define as A Picture of the Earth As Seen from Outer Space in the context of the poem.

Fortunately, our earth has plenty of such marvelous places to visit and refresh our minds. Thus, this poem may be edited to include names of all pine rocklands on earth. The earth has a furnace within, that is, the molten magma in its core. For this reason, I believe it could apply to all marvels of nature on earth regardless of whether they are pine rocklands or other ecosystems. Only the names may change. The fact that countless people of the world need to connect to the environment at this point in time especially because of the dangers their hustle and bustle lifestyles pose to the ecosystem remains unchanged.

A Picture of the Earth As Seen from Outer Space We have left it to go onward, Though earth remains home, beckoning Us: Defying gravity, bird In the sky, o space ship, coming Home would be far more interesting! I am the Pine Rocklands, I too Burn to stay alive, as giving Of knowledge I am homelike too! Get down, come back, do not attempt More than you can handle, return To refresh your eyes, I have bent Down before you. Simply return Home. Live with me, watch me from a distance; There is no place like home, with your presence.

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