Making a Website Accessible for Visually Handicapped or Blind Persons Essay

Published: 2020-03-03 12:12:29
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Internet use open up the world for many individuals with disabilities, however, it contains barriers, especially for those with visual disability. This calls for a need for universally accessible web site. There are two types of visual disability, each with their own web site consideration and solution: partially sighted and blind. It is important for the web designers to take into consideration the bigger picture of disability and to develop technical alternatives appropriate to them (Nancy et al. , 1998).

Some of the strategies involve designing browsing alternatives that are characterized by recognition, screen magnifier, screen readers, voice recognition, speech synthesizers, and so on. Examples include, brailleSurf browser, which simplifies reading from the Internet by presenting the information on the Braille bar, speech synthesizer or displayed them on a monitor especially, for the partially sighted people. Use of browser voice is important especially for total visual impaired person. However, it may cause several problems.

Thus the designer should ensure that creating voice browser does not make browsing difficult for the users. The HTML code should be validated so as to minimize syntax errors, and make them consistent. This enable your web site contains features that are essential to visual impaired users. The use of tables on the web site should be done carefully. It should be simple to interpret. Since the visually impaired cannot see images effectively, it is therefore important to add ALT and Title tags on the web site to enrich their experience (Kate, 1996).

In conclusion, since visually impaired individuals also require information from the net as other ordinary persons, the web designer should ensure that web in is effectively designed. Important features should be adopted in the web site to provide information in the desired manner.


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