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Published: 2020-03-23 13:22:10
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Family. Concerning the familys role in the well-being of the elderly, 67% of the administrators perceived that the elderly felt wanted and cared for, and they still felt connected with the family. As it was observed by 67% of the administrators, communication helped the elderly to maintain this sense of connectedness and sense of belongingness. According to the administrators: Some are visited often, some sometimes; some others seldom¦most of them visit their families, relatives and friends. Quite a few have communication with their children abroad.

We can see some of them will be around the phone booth, the day they expected a call¦it is sad to see this anxious waiting for their ritualistic phone calls. But I see it is very important for them¦it could be a joyful expectation¦it probably gives them the feeling that they are still remembered¦ wanted and loved¦it is the basic human need¦when we are deprived, no matter who we are¦we become unhappy. Friendship. The members of administration (100%) maintained the elderly are friendly and cordial but 50% of them observed that only very few elderly had close friends among themselves or outside.

They seemed to be private people and preferred to be left alone. They are kind old people. When some one is in need they are there specially when one or the other is sick. They are concerned¦but they always keep a distance otherwise. They dont show what is inside¦I suppose it is the pain¦or disappointments¦ They are warm and friendly people. Some are not interested in getting close to others while a few have established good friendship among the co-residents. Among the male residents, more of sharing, discussion and spending time together are observed.

Authority and Caregivers. The elderly maintained good relationship with the authority and caregivers. This was observed by 83% of the administrators and the elderly felt respected and cared for by them. About 50% of them, observed that the elderly appreciated the service they received from the caregivers and kept a friendly relationship with them. They speak well of us to the outsiders and to their family members. They speak highly of Gladys Spellman. They are proud of the institution.

I dont think that they appreciate fully what we do and see us having no pitfalls. Whatever, it be they speak only good about the authority, caregivers, and everything about the center. It is important for them¦they belong to this place now. They trust us and know that their life is secure and we will take care of them until their last. So we have become important to them at this stage of their life. We only hope that we will be able to give more time¦to care¦ and to listen to their stories. Social Interest/Altruism.

According to half the members of administration only a limited number of elderly were interested and found meaning in reaching out to others through service. Some visited the patients in the hospital while others prayed for the sick. They observed: There were people in the beginning who were really interested in doing voluntary service. There are ample opportunities to do this as well. There are a few who did the service for about 3 to 4 years. As they are growing old¦I believe they dont have the same energy now.

Still there are a few regularly help in distributing food for the poor patients in the hospital¦. Some help with money and others with their prayers¦ Attitude towards Death The elderly were perceived to be at different levels in terms of the reality of death. The administrators (100%) found them holding on to their trust in Gods compassion and love. While 67% of the administrators observed that many of the elderly were aware of the need for preparation for the final call, 50% of them also observed that there were quite a few elderly who were already feeling comfortable with the thought of death.

To substantiate this finding: Sometimes while talking casually on different things spontaneously they would say that they have only short time left and whatever time is left, it is Gods gift and they should get closer to God which they did not do when they were busy in the world out there¦ Some are afraid. When they fall sick even with a common fever, they go panic¦they are afraid whether they would die¦they dont want to see their children before¦it is a concern and I know we should help them to get ready¦

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