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Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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Mexican Americans were one of many ethnic groups that experienced discrimination in schools,at work and public facilities. Fortunately Mexican Americans were not alone they fought together to put an end to discrimination. Not only did they they have each other to depend on but they also had a strong powerful leader who experienced racism in school and fought for injustice in order to help others. She was willing to do everything to help Mexican Americans battle through unfair treatment .

Dolores Huerta was a helpful activist who organized programs to help Mexican Americans gain their rights and enhance their lives by helping them through the process of obtaining a job. Dolores Huerta also paired up with others to make a change which was to stop racism and discrimination. She also was a person who got very involved in organizations that helped Mexican Americans vote and get a job she didnt want to see discrimination. She was a woman who from her mother learned to be generous when others were seeking for help.

Dolores Huerta was a role model to other women and to young girls. Dolores accomplishments and organization as well as others helped contribute to a final end on discrimination. Dolores Huerta was born in in Dawson,New Mexico which was a mining town on April 10,1930. According to, Dolores Huerta by Frank Perez while in High school Dolores experienced racism she got discriminated by her teacher,Dolores would always get As on her class work and tests she was a good student. But the problem was that she was getting such a low grade in the class.

One day Dolores went up to the teacher and ask her why her class grade was so low. The teacher responded that her work was to good and maybe somebody did it for her. Dolores was opposed to this and she had an idea that her teacher believed just because she was Mexican American she couldnt be smart (14). Later on in the school year Dolores was in a club. This club was organizing a school dance , the club was charging three dollars for the entrance. Dolores was against this and she suggested that the charge less.

The club didnt want to accept her suggestion so dolores quit the club (15). Finally Dolores continued her studies and went to college from there she soon became a teacher for young students. Many of these young students came from poor farm -working families , Dolores then realized that these kids needed more education and their families needed clothes and money. Dolores became frustrated of seeing these kids suffer with their family. As a teen Dolores just watched injustice , but now as an adult she decided to take action. she wanted to help farm workers and their families.

With the help of the CSO dolores got her chance. Based on the book Dolores Huerta by Frank P. in 1955 she met Fred Ross. Fred worked for the Community Service Organization (CSO). This Organization was mainly created to help Mexican American have a better life. The CSO also helped farm workers to register for voting. This wasnt an easy task because many of these workers were immigrants and they could not speak english. To help, the CSO taught the workers to read and write in english. After gaining knowledge about the CSO Dolores finally joined the organization.

Dolores started out as a volunteer. As a volunteer she went door to door to help people register to vote. During this process Dolores also met a man named Cesar Chavez. Just like dolores he had also started out like a volunteer in the CSO. Dolores and Cesar shared a goal which was justice for the farm workers. After years working for the CSO Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta were frustrated because they didnt see any changes happening. Cesar suggested to Dolores that the only way that they will be to make a change is with a Farm Workers Union.

Dolores also agreed to this and she and Cesar believed that Farm workers deserved a fair pay and better working conditions. So finally in 1962 Cesar quit the CSO,soon after Cesar quit Dolores left as well. Dolores wanted her children to have a better life rather than working as poor migrant workers. Together they began their work to iniciate farm workers union. But in their process of planning this union they decided not to include the word union They figured that if growers heard the word they might be angry about and fire all the workers.

Instead Cesar,Dolores and his wife Helen came to a consensus that they would name the organization National Farm Workers Association(NFWA). In the early 1960s the NFWA was finally put together. Their first goal in the NFWA was to get money for the union to survive. They both decided that their organization was going to be a democratic union meaning that the members were going to vote on important decisions they wanted everybodys voice to be heard. The NFWA needed a supply of money to keep the organization strong so, Dolores and Cesar made a decision to charge three dollars with fifty cents a month.

Dolores as well as Cesar spend their time traveling to recruit members in the organization. Finally after all that hard work they both did in the year 1964 their organization had almost a thousand farm-working families. For all these families belonging to the NFWA it meant having benefits. The NFWA provided these families with community service programs ,insurance for life ,and a private bank. It also had a store that sold good to members at a discount. These programs that were provided by the NFWA enhanced the lives of many farm workers and gave them a better life condition.

For Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez the NFWA was a successful organization and everything was going well. Not until 1965 workers at a nursery in Delano came to the NFWA to present a complaint that the owner of the nursery was paying less than he had promised when he hired them. Cesar and Dolores demanded for the workers not to go to work until the receive the payment he had promised . After hearing this unfairness both decided to organize the first strike. Dolores was very content that they were going to be able to fight for the workers right.

While Dolores felt happy Cesar felt the opposite,because he felt that many workers would be scared to strike and maybe they would go to work. The very next day Cesar and Dolores went to the farm workers homes to see if any of them were going to work. The workers seemed quite until Dolores jumped of the NFWA truck, she wasnt going to let this hard work be ruined. The workers then refused to listen to her, In response to this Dolores backed her truck into the driveway and blocked the workers car. The workers didnt want to argue so they just chose to go to back into their homes.

That day the nursery owner was furious he tried to hire other people but the people he wanted to hire didnt have the skills he was looking for, frustrated he decided to pay the farm workers as he promised. The strike was over after only 4 days. The NFWA had one their first victory. The NFWA was getting attention and it was a popular organization. According to Dolores Huerta By Frank Perez in the year 1965 a group of grape pickers went on strike against a California vineyard . They had asked if the NFWA can join them, the NFWA had to decide whether to join them or not.

After deciding whether or not to join them the finally decided that they would join them, the NFWA held a rally so that members of the NFWA can vote if they wanted to join the strike. Dolores and Cesar saw that a strike might not have been a good idea,instead of a strike they chose to organize a boycott. For people to be aware of the grapes Dolores and Cesar set out to inform the the people asking them not to buy the products. In 1966 Dolores and Cesar by her side organized 300 mile march from the unions main office in Delano to the the state capitols building in Sacramento.

Finally after four long years the union won its victory. In conclusion Dolores Huerta made a huge difference in Mexican Americans lives. She joined programs that helped the farm workers and their families she also collaborated with Cesar chavez to help farm workers gain the rights they deserved. Dolores Huerta was one of many activists leaders that was a supporting powerful strong leader that was their to stand up for her race. Thanks to her accomplishments and her volunteer work many farm workers were being treated unfairly and they had a better life without discrimination.

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