Oppressive to women and sexist Essay

Published: 2020-03-24 02:02:01
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In studying the two tables, the one I did myself and the one my friend did, it became apparent that while there were some differences, many of the descriptors were similarly placed within the table. There were some differences, notably that we both thought the American belief of Muslims is that their religious is oppressive to women and sexist, but my friend also thought that Christians and Muslims had a male-dominated political environment. The other interesting similarity was that we both believed Americans view Muslim-Americans as fanatics and violent, a stereotype that is perpetuated on television and in the media.

We both listed some descriptors in the Both category, notably the fact that we perceived both groups as devout, both as sexist in some respects, and both as family-oriented in nature. From the Christian table, I think that women who go to work and secular content in education are true descriptors about this group in general, while the idea of them having immodest dress and all being law abiding are obviously false. For the Muslim-Americans, I believe the idea of them having modest dress and being governed by the Quran is true, but I do not think all of these people are violent and undereducated.

Both my friend and myself seemed to have similar views on how America views each group but many of them were not true and not necessarily how I truly believe, but how American society wants us to believe. I believe that in our society the media plays a large role in how we view each group. Watching a religious channel and seeing the way some right-wing conservative Christians act sheds a light on how most Americans think Christians act, while on the other hand the media portrays Muslim and Arab peoples as fanatically religious and as being terrorists. These images have stuck in the minds of Americans, particularly since 9/11.

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