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Published: 2019-10-10 12:34:59
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Today India is the second most populous nation in the world and will overtake China by 2025 to become the worlds most populated country of the world, with over 1.6 billion people. Although India was the first country to initiate the family planning programme to curb the growing population, yet it has become the second most populated country on the planet. This is very alarming! This means that something had gone wrong in their planning, priorities or efforts. India cannot afford to increase its population as India account for only two point four percent of the worlds land area which is inhabited by the sixteen percent of the worlds population. There are several reasons explaining Indias population explosion.

The first reason contributing towards the Indias growing population is the caste system and education. The caste system in India is although illegal but many practice it in rural parts of the country. The boundaries of the caste system have led to the disorientation of the society. People from low castes are generally poor and are isolated from the main population. Majority of these people believe that more hands will earn more money. Hence they would often prefer to have seven or eight kids, preferably male, who can earn money to meet the basic living needs such as food, water and shelter. Therefore the poverty itself responsible for Indias population explosion; the poor add new members to their family so that they may earn also.

In addition to this, several incentives were given to these people by the government to improve their life quality. For example in 90s some were lucky enough to have free homes or flats. However most of them gave their houses on rent and chose to live in slums. This is not ironic because by renting their houses they are able to earn money to buy food and water for themselves and their kids. Ignorance and superstitions have also led tot his situation. There are many people who have no idea of the family planning; there are others who do not want to interfere in the will of god. They believe that children are born through Gods will. Also there is absence of healthy recreation. The poor people find recreation only in sexual indulgence which leads to increase in population.

India adds the entire population of Australia everyday to their country and it is increasing at a very alarming rate. Although it is true that improvement in sciences has caused people to live longer but the death rate is fifteen times lower than the birth rate. Hence it is very vital that the Indian Government put some stress to curb its growing population. Without planning population it will be very difficult for India to prosper for example the country has failed to generate new employment opportunities in proportion to the growth of the population. Highest disease burden, largest population of child labour and the most number of poor are present here and these numbers continue to rise every year due more births. As a global community we should emphasize on our world population and assist India in their initiations towards their population.

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