Primary Notes For Girlfriend in a Coma Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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Theme Statement

Rediscovering one self to give hope for the future.

At some point in your life there will be sense of loneliness, to overcome this, you ought to find a significant meaning in life.


Richard a loyal, smart, boyfriend to Karen who is in a coma for the past 17 years. He has been by her side till the very end. Hes devoted to her, counting all the days she has been in the coma. (108) He question what is life without her? He started to having a drinking problem (79) thinking it will solve everything.

He was already in depression, giving up hope when his friend, Jared died to cancer. (236) Hes been alone for 17 years even tho he is still close with his friends, theyre not always there. Questioning his fatherhood, why he failed to raise his daughter, Megan while Karen is in a coma. He broke down and went back to this drinking habits (107) When Karen awoke everything seems to have hope now.(131) When he withdrew he stills to able to maintain a proper lifestyle in his community on Rabbit Lane(246)


Each one of the character at a point along this book feels a sense of loneliness. Richard the most out of the character suffers this when Karen went into a coma. Even tho he has his daughter Megan, he still feels empty. (79) Wendy also feels lonely when Jared has passed away, he was her one true love (145) When she saw Jared ghost she wanted him to take her away, from her lonely life (224)

Megan also deals with loneliness, after the plague she lost her bestfriend Jenny. She went to visit her home and read her diary 230 She also requested Jared to take her away.(234) Linus also question the purpose of life, he no longer wanted to live on the planet.(236) He wanted a glimpse of afterlife, which he then saw heaven.(238)

Rabbit Lane

All the events that occurred revolves around Rabbit Lane, where are there character grew up. They question why the plague hasnt reach them in Rabbit Lane. A lot of memories have taken since when they were young till the last day of the world

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