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Published: 2019-12-21 17:02:16
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The power of Web 2. 0 was a turning point for internet. It enabled formerly linear information traffic to become multifaceted and multidirectional. In the process, it also allowed information to be more substantial and concentrated. Thus, knowledge and intelligence became readily accessible to anyone and the readily available information is richer and more substantial to the users. However, there are several points of contention with Web 2. 0. The very definition of the word is a concern. Those who are willing and able to define it came up with a definition too long and complicated o be understood in its entirety.

Those who perceived the definitions got lost in the way, while some easily gave up. Without the concise definition for the jargon it will remain difficult to comprehend what it embodies. Secondly, the entertainment industry may feel threatened by this new open media where everyone is instantly getting their ten seconds of fame. Web 2. 0 is taking away the difficult stage of getting screened to become a talent. In fact, it only opens the media more. It embraces performers, regardless if they have talent or if they are simply funny.

Privacy is also put into question. Because Web 2.0 entails sharing of information, there is the great chance for information to be accessed despite security measures. Sources agreed that the privacy issues are not exclusive to social websites such as Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, and others of its kind. Even legitimate websites with educational and professional content can fall prey to intrusion. It is also alarming that not all users are very concerned, or careful. Yet given these disadvantages, it should be noted that Web 2. 0 has its advantages too. It enriched publicly available information, creating a massive information framework with data coming from different sources.

It also expedited and added quality to editing this available information, because visitors are also users and are able to add or edit information and serve comments and suggestions instantly. Web 2. 0 revolutionized the web and its users and will undoubtedly continue doing so until it develops to something larger. To make this complicated term easier to understand, it is worth noting that Web 2. 0 has several characteristics. On top of all those, one stands through. Web 2. 0 is all about collective intelligence that happens spontaneously and continuously.

It is seen in Wikipedia, Blogger, Multiply, and many other networking and enterprise websites. It is seen in Linuxs and Microsofts forums, and many other companies who have embraced the power of the consumers. The advantages outdid the disadvantages, and the benefits of the process proved it recommendable for the use of every netizen who needs and uses information. Recommendations To ensure that Web 2. 0 gives more of its benefits than the disadvantages, the users will have to play a crucial role in controlling it. First, the issue of complicatedness should no longer be a problem.

The topic of definition is continually being discussed. The jargons used to define Web 2. 0 four or three years ago were now translated into layman-friendly terms. Thus, with a little research, one can get the concise meaning of the word and be able to understand it. The openness of the media should also be regarded as a positive development. Entertainment movers should take it as an opportunity to find hidden talent with less expense and effort. Looking at the situation, Web 2. 0 provides an avenue for creators to meet investors”talents to find promoters, writers to find publishers, and many more similar pairs.

In turn, people who have become popular in their respective industries should not feel threatened. Instead, they can opt to provide help for aspirants, or simply serve as inspiration. On the other hand, online performers should note that what they post publicly on the internet becomes available worldwide. In fact, even if one chooses to post something for the consumption of a selected few audiences, there is still a way for intruders to get their hands on these information. Privacy practices should be observed properly and with strict attention.

Awareness and monitoring are additional practices that will help alleviate security concerns in the use of social media. Lastly, it is recommended that social websites and Web 2. 0 media organizers maintain monitoring and proofreading of the content being posted in their websites. It should be noted that because Web 2. 0 is an open media, this opens people to the opportunity to put up inappropriate content. Regular checks on posted content and appropriate editing and tagging will help lessen these problems on inappropriate content, which can greatly affect the services of the website and the image of the company behind it.

The Web 2. 0 may be a complicated thing, but it should be accepted that it is something that is readily happening today. It is the new internet, the greatest things that has happened to the web so far. While many businesses are still unsure about plunging into the Web 2. 0 trend for their enterprises, it has gone big on an individual level. Having a blog or being a member of a social networking site or contributing to a forum or an online encyclopedia is no longer surprising. In fact, it has become a way of life for most.

This proves that Web 2. 0 is more than just hype. It is business, education, and life for its current users and those to come.


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