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Published: 2020-04-22 08:26:25
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In a May 22, 2011 article Why are so many students still failing online? the author, Rob Jenkins, argues the difference between online and on-campus classes. There is a problem with students failing online classes, but I believe that hybrid classes should be the primary choice.

Jenkins mentioned that online classes are a better choice, but not with all classes. Jenkins asks, Can we agree that none of us would want to be operated on by surgeons who received all of their medical training online? Online classes have their limits, but also have more conveniences. For example, Jenkins states that For students who arent able to attend college in the traditional way, good enough, can be a godsend. They are less costly and the enrollment rate is higher than on-campus courses. Online courses seem to be the future according to Jenkins.

On the other hand, I disagree because the problem of students failing online classes exists because of the success rates. Online classes have a lower rate because classes such as speech should be taken in a traditional classroom instead of online. Some professors tried to have the students do their speeches on their own time but video tape them and send them to the professor to watch and evaluate. While this idea seems to work, I still believe that online courses such as this one are better taken in the classroom than online.

Jenkins argues in a department meeting that faculty members should use the same principal as entry level on-campus classes and have students take an entrance exam to see if they score high enough to be able to take them successfully. The administrators told Jenkins that it more than likely wouldnt happen. Jenkins is in a working progress of getting the online class success rate up higher and making it a majority of the community college life.

However, while Jenkins plan may succeed, I still believe that it is the wrong choice. Every college course is beneficial in some way or another, and almost all of them bring up questions throughout the semester that would be better answered in a classroom setting. The students would get more out of asking in class than through email. Again, in my opinion, I think campus classes should be the majority of the college life.

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