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Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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The case of June (Laursen, 2005) reveals how educators perceive children with challenging behavior, and how a child who encounters behavior difficulties relates with her peers and her educators. It could be said that the case of June is relatively unique in a sense that the child is a female. Normally, male children are those ones who are more prone to experience challenging behaviors (Dunlap et al, 2002). June is a 15 year old girl who has been experiencing problems due to frequent shouting while using profane language, sleeping during classes, not doing her school work and not properly relating with her peers.

Most of her teachers are not that positive in terms of doing an extra work and helping her overcome her difficulties in school because of her attitude. As such, an education plan was set in order to help her. June was made to sign a behavioral contract that furthers the agreement that she should stay awake in school, not yell at adults, not assault anyone and attend the group meeting all day (Laursen, 2005, para 2). If by any chance that June is not able to follow the contract that she has signed, she has to go to the residential setting the entire day to finish all of her assignment.

June has already been in the program for two weeks time, and although she frequently displays a negative attitude on how things are done, she still complies nevertheless. June lives with her mother, her mothers boy friend, her 17 year old sister and her 6 year old brother. In addition with this, one of her sisters is also within the jurisdiction of an adult foster care. In addition, she has a history of failed attempts of reformation from residential and community program placement. Junes 17-year old sister also have undergone to the same program due to an incident wherein she assaulted a kid who has been teasing June.

Fortunately, Junes sister was able to finish the program; and June admires her sister. Junes problem stem out due to her inconsistent attendance at school for the past two weeks. In relation with this, she has also been frequently dismissed from her classes whenever she fall asleep, lay down in the hallways or did not follow directions from the residential care. By the time that the team of educators approached June to talk to her about her situation, she became frustrated and started to assault the team.

However, when she perceived that all of them remained calm, she had an immediate change of mood. Laursen (2005) was able to talk with June on a particular instance and the latter was able to share her feelings towards her attitude and the matter on how she deals with other people. On the interview that was made to June, there are two incidents that were documented. The first was with regard to a film that she have to watch on her health class about chemicals and the other was the incident wherein she saw one of her teachers Mr.

Johnson whom she saw angry with another student. The first incident which is about the movie that she have to watch about chemicals; wherein June said that she has been trying to tell the teachers that she dont want to watch that movie because it upsets her, but she claimed that the teachers were not listening. In addition with this, June said that the movie about chemicals brought back an experience when there was a time that several men in their place used some chemicals and allowed her step sister to be intoxicated as well.

In effect of this, her step sister was sexually abused; and corollary with this, June also claimed that she herself was raped. The other incident that made June upset was when she saw Mr. Johnson yelling at other students; in effect of this, June called Mr. Johnson names. On the other hand, June admitted that she rejected such a behavior because she realized later on that Mr. Johnson is a good teacher. Along with the discussion, June admitted that she is indeed having problems on her behavior. She also said that a lot of times, she did not know what to do.

In response with the difficult situation that June was facing, the team decided that what June needed is a Reality Hub wherein she needs to have intervention and help in order to deal with the things that she encounters everyday. There is a need for June to consider the disposition, feelings and perceptions of others. In order for June to learn to change her behavior, the teachers set up a meeting with Junes best friend named Bonnie. The teachers will be guiding June throughout her conversations which is considered to be the first step in which June could make an effort to change her pattern of behavior.

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