The Concept of Salad Bowl Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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The concept of salad bowl refers to the combination of different cultures living together in United States like a salad is composed of different vegetables and fruits. The salad bowl model explains different American cultures living together but they do not dissolve to become a homogenous culture as different ingredients of salad are placed in a bowl. Each culture keeps its own distinct qualities, and this idea proposes a society of many individual, pure cultures, and the term has become more politically correct than melting pot, since the latter suggests that ethnic groups may be unable to preserve their cultures (Patchen, 1998).

Elderly in US today As a portion of population is getting older, now it has become a rule not respecting senior citizens or elderly people. America is a mobile, changeable, youth-oriented culture. The extended family that exists in many other countries is rare in the United States. Older Americans are often considered a burden rather than a valuable resource. Elderly people are also affected by the problems in the American health care institutions and systems. Factors such as financial problems and general public attitudes have made living a challenge for elderly persons.

Older Americans (Senior Citizens) have been steadily increasing their rights through political action despite the entrenched American orientation toward youth and apparently the trend will continue as the nation ages (Donaldson , 2006). Older American population constitutes 13 percent of the population but account for nearly 20 percent of all suicides. As suggested by the Researchers depression is a main risk aspect for suicide in the aged. New research shows intervention programs may help reduce suicidal thoughts in depressed elderly patients (Adams , 1990).

Over six hundred patients have been examined by Cornell University and the University of Pittsburgh and were found to be depressed over the issue some of them were assigned care managers which consist of social workers, voluntary doctors, nurses and psychologists.


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