The Hounds of the Baskervilles Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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Dr Watson is Sherlocks companion which was common in those days. He is a middle class citizen and is polite and formal. He retired from the Army and is now living on his Army pension. He admires Holmes and looks up to him, this is evident as he wants Sherlocks approval Has anything escaped me? . Sherlock sees Watson not as an equal but someone who he can patronise which is apparent when Watson is analysing a scene most of your conclusions were erroneous and you are not yourself luminous.

This is caused by the differences in classes. However Watson (when not needed by Sherlock) spends his day at a Gentlemens club that he belongs to, which was a common way for men to entertain themselves in the Victorian times. As he can afford to join the club then he must be comfortable financially, nevertheless not as wealthy as Holmes. Watsons wealth is also obvious as Watson smokes cigarettes which are bought from the same expensive shop as Holmess tobacco in Oxford Street.

Watson (like most Victorian Men) has strict beliefs in what is right and wrong and how to behave. This is seen when he comes across an unarmed suspect whom he has a chance to shoot, however he refuses to because he says he only has the gun to defend himself and not to shoot an unarmed man. Sir Henry Baskerville is a titled aristocracy who inherits Baskerville Hall but has to return to England from America. His appearance is seen as different to other upper class men as he has the ..

weather beaten look of a man who is unused to the English countryside which is very formal compared to America and Canada which is where he spent most of his life I have got a little careless in my ways out West. However he is still referred to as an upper class gentleman. He appears uncomfortable to the strict opinion of the community in Victorian England however knows he has to behave in an appropriate way. Sir Henry is amazed when he first sees Baskerville Hall To think that this should be the same hall in which for five hundred years my people have lived!

It strikes me solemn to think of it. In this Era it was extremely popular for big houses to be passed down by generations of the same family. In the Victorian times Servants were extremely popular in the upper class households. The amount of servants per household depended on the size of the house and their wealth. Within the bigger houses the servants who usually lived in the house would be arranged into a hierarchy of servants with the butler (male) at the top (which is ironic as this reflects the patriarchal system of Victorian England).

In Baskervilles hall, Mr Barrymore is the butler subdued manner of a well-trained servant and Mrs Barrymore is the housekeeper large, impassive, heavy featured. Commonly in those days the servants would stay with the family for years and show great respect and loyalty. Sometimes servants would work in the same households as their relatives, Mrs Barrymore and her brother were bought up in Baskerville Hall. Frequently the servants children would grow up in the household too and would start working there at a young age.

However when Mrs Barrymore is told of her brothers death, Mr and Mrs Barrymore announce to Sir Henry that they wish to leave Baskerville Hall and his reaction is I should be sorry to begin my life here by breaking an old family connection. The loyalty of the relationships between the owners and servants is highlighted with the Barrymores reasoning for leaving Baskerville Hall .. we were both very much attached to Sir Charles¦.. I fear that we shall never again be easy in our minds at Baskerville Hall.

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