The Influence of Culture on Language Essay

Published: 2019-12-31 04:40:22
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In this movies, I can find a lot of concepts that we have been studied in this four chapter. Although I mostly disagree the main idea of this movie, I think it is fight for survive and there are not clear justice, I admit it is a good movie to study intercultural communication. After watching this movie, I first think about the Identity. Identities are sets of social expectation related to ourselves and others that are grounded in the interplay between similarities and difference and pertain to personal, relational and communal aspects of lives.

As you can see from the opening scene when the general hope the Lieutenant Jim to fight for human, even he make him to choose between his brother life or Mala. A role is something one puts on and takes off depending on the needs of the situation. In this situation, the general expected the Lieutenant Jim to fight for him but not for parliament, because he think Jim is a human and soldier, he could not fight for Terrian. It is a role expectation. I also find the communications relationship to identity in this movie and it is Ironically.

When the soldiers find the Mala in their Ark, they first thought is she will destroy Ark, they should catch her as soon as possible. Such identity label always take this common idea that Mala is not human, she must in order to destroy to come the Ark. The communication naturally reflects her identities, also her identities will common reflect what she will doing. But ironically, who arrest human to capture the planet uncompromising is not Mala, but Lieutenant Jim, also a human. It is no doubt to find the movie is most to focus on personal identity.

The movie highly praise the personal identity has special power to solve the conflicts between relational identity and communal identity. As a human, he has a communal identity. But he also has a relational identity that he is a friend of Mala. During the battle, he want to save his brother and also do not want to hurt Mala, at this time, he did another choice. At last, there a scene shows a big sculpture about Lieutenant Jim. Heroism most present a personal identity. In the movie, I find another conflict about the worldview. What is our relationship with the nature, mastery or adaptive.

The general certainly stand for mastery the world. He want to capture the planet and change the world to another earth. Human is mostly like to mastery the world. We can find at the movie stated, it is because of absolute mastery the nature, we are ver-exploitation, destroy the nature and fight each other that lead to lose our world. But the parliament seems to change. It is more like Terrian to adaptive the world. They stand to share the world and lend into the environment. At this point, we can find another concept which we study in this for chapter is Similarities and Differences.

So when we discuss the culture, we could not be overgeneralization. Back to the worldview, we find the Terrians world view is more in accordance with that current environmental protection organization advocated. At this view, I really love to adapt the world or not to master it. But at last, I mostly find that human is more like to make a big cage to close ourselves. I thought the author is rather extreme. At last, I think to study a intercultural communication in a movie is a meaningful and interesting. But maybe it is a little exaggeration, because the movie always take some authors personal value in it.

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