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Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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The President of the United States of America is the most powerful man in the world. The decisions that he makes and the policies that he enforce are things that have direct or indirect effects not only on the U. S citizenry but also on people living in other countries. This fact makes it imperative that a man or a woman who is going to assume the office as the President of the United States must have full control of his mental, physical, and emotional faculties when he takes over this important position.

This is the primary reason why individuals who intend to hold office as president of the United States should be a Natural Born citizen. The wording Natural born means that the candidate should have been born into this world via natural birthing methods. THE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN THE FACTS ABOUT NATURAL BIRTHING Being born via a Natural birthing method ensures that the child has a huge probability of having full control over his Mental, physical and emotional faculties in comparison to those born via unnatural birthing methods (Caesarian method).

Being born via Caesarian method has the following adverse effects namely: (a) The change that may take place on a childs brain because of the chemical effects of anaesthetic drugs like morphine and lidocaine. These are drugs that are administered on laboring mothers to counter the immense pains associated to childbirth. Effects may include but would not be limited to cognitive and behavioral problems like long term Brain damage, ADHD and Autism (Stacey 2008). (b) Psycho social problems have a higher risk of occurrence on Caesarian born children than those who were born via natural means.

According to Dr. Stanislov Grof, caesarian-born children often displays particular attitudes and personality traits like low self esteem, and difficulty in completing a task. CONCLUSION There is no question that the Position as Chief Executive of a country is a very demanding position that entails commitment and sound mental faculties. A person who is bound to get this office should have mental, physical and emotional resources that he could call upon to serve his country especially in troubled times.

Caesarian born individuals are not fit to hold this office because there is a huge possibility that they are not intrinsically, physically and mentally fit enough to assume their duties as the president of the most powerful country in the World. This office demands that the person who holds office should have a nearly perfect if not fully unblemished mental and physical faculties. The THE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN position is not created by the constitution to be a testing laboratory for a potentially unfit individual. This position is not for the feeble minded, and the weak of heart.

Any possibility of handing this position over to an individual who may be emotionally and mentally unstable is an unjustifiable risk that the most prominent country in the world cannot take. Such an undertaking is untenable and prejudicial to the best interest of the United States of America and her citizenry. The individual that should lead this great nation should have a sound body and mind at his disposal to best serve his country and his fellowmen. Anything less is a travesty to Democracy and Good Governance. References:

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