The Story of a Mother Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 11:47:37
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Sisa ran quickly home, confused. She feared that the civil guards may have arrested his son Basilio already. When she reached home, she saw the two civil guards leaving with only her hen. She tried to walk past them but the civil guards caught her and demanded to know where her sons are. Sisa begged the guards for mercy, saying she does not know where her sons are nor does she have the gold coins they are accusing Crispin of stealing. With no other recourse, the civil guards forcibly brought her back to the barracks. Sisa, to spare her from humiliation, begged them to at least allow her some distance between them. The civil guards obliged, giving her a distance of 20 steps.

They eventually reached the barracks and Sisa was imprisoned. Not wanting to bother themselves of inquiring about her, no one bothered to report to the alferez. After two hours, the alferez, rival of the curate, dismissed Father Salvis allegations against her and ordered her to be freed. Sisa hurriedly ran back home once again but did not find Basilio. She ran to Tasio the Sage but he was not home. Instinctively, she went home and upon entering the hut, she saw a piece of torn and bloodied cloth from Basilios shirt. She cried out for her children throughout the night. Come morning, Sisa can be seen smiling and talking to everyone.

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