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Published: 2020-03-23 06:32:50
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Three of the worlds worst habits today are cursing, procrastination, and lying. These worst habits that we are currently facing, is making this world what it is today. It is a fact when I say that we have all done these bad habits, in addition, at least one of these three worst habits we do every day without even noticing it. Even though it may not seem like it, Cursing, procrastinating, and lying is currently influencing our world today. I will talk about them in the following. To be honest, I do not go through a day without hearing a curse word. This habit is so bad that people dont even notice it when they do it.

I consider this a very bad habit because people that get caught in the habit of cursing a lot, often have a bad reputation. Having a bad reputation affects a person in so many ways. Besides being disrespectful, people that are constantly cursing, loose a lot of friends and even job opportunities. The way we talk and the language that we use is influenced a lot by the people we are around all the time. Due to the diversity in culture, this world consists of many people who act and do things differently. This affects the way we talk to each other whether its with friends or family.

The worst part of this habit is that children listen to these curse words being said all the time. A person who grows up around a group of people who are very proper and speak eloquently tends to incorporate that into the way he or she talks. If a person grows up around people who curse constantly, obviously that person is going to grow up to use vulgar language. The habit of cursing is more series than it seems and it definitely has to be on the top of the list for worlds worst habits. Also, another bad habit that is very common around the world is procrastination.

Waiting for the last minute to get things done is something I struggle with like many other people do as well. One of the biggest reasons why assignments get a bad mark or are incomplete is because of procrastination. Procrastination has a bad effect on work, and especially on us. Procrastination is lacking discipline. When we wait for the last moment to get stuff done, the quality of our work will never be our best, and we end up getting stressed out. For example, after we finish an assignment, it always needs to be proof read before handing it in.

If you procrastinate we are more likely to skip this important step. Not only that, but another big problem is that we run out of ideas. At one sitting, ideas dont come as they would over several days. People who leave assignments to the last minute are more likely to cheating because they know their grade will be low, therefore, they start to worry and decide to cheat. Finally I say that lying has to be the worst habit in the world. Scientifically speaking, it is said that every person says at least one lie every day. There are many reasons for lying, which is why so many people fall into this habit.

Lying can be a way to escape difficult situations. Regardless of the situation, lying can be a good escape but the consequences of getting caught may sometimes not be worth it. For Example, when we arrive home late, we lie to our parents about going to a friends house to discuss the assignment until late night. We want to cover up the truth so that we do not get in trouble. We are scared to tell the truth and face the consequences. A person who lies may not have done anything wrong, but we would rather make up a story to protect ourselves. So, we try to cover the truth in order to avoid the consequence.

Lying just seems to cause so many problems. People will never trust a liar no matter what he tries to do afterwards. Lying is something that will cause other people to think of us as an extremely bad person. It may not necessarily be true, but that is how a liar is stereotyped. In Addition, People will not only lose their trust in a liar but they will lose respect. Guilt is also another consequence of lying. Lying to family and friends will leave you feeling guilty as we are abusing the trust of a loved one. Imagine a lie being the last thing we said to a family member before they suddenly die.

That would just leave us feeling guilty for the rest of our live. Constantly lying is such a bad Habit to have but in reality many people in the world are currently facing this habit. The worlds worst habits are cursing, procrastinating, and lying. Cursing can really hurt our reputation. People that curse a lot get stereotyped all the time in a negative. Good Opportunities are blown off because we curse a lot. Also, Procrastination is another big habit in our world today. Procrastinating just simply brings nothing good to the table.

It gets us low grades and can cause us to cheat when we see that there is limited time left. The number one worst habit in the world is lying. We seem to use lies all the time. Very commonly we use lies in order to escape difficult situation. Lying becomes such an addiction that sometimes we do it for no reason or when its not even necessary. These are the three worst habits in the world we live in today, in which affects everybody so much. It is obviously something each person should look at and realize in which of these three bad habits we fall in because most of us fall into at least one them.

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