The Worst Thing in the World Essay

Published: 2020-01-06 10:23:01
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Can you remember when you were just a 5 or 6-year-old kid? When you had nothing to worry about but the size of you pack of crayons? Life was so easy back then. We could play outside all day long, have fun with our friends, watch TV, play videogames and so on.

As little kids we always wanted to be older, we wanted to grow up and do grown up things. We spent our whole childhood imagining what it would be like if we were older and grown up. Now here we are, almost grown up¦. and I can tell you, its not as fun as I thought it was going to be. Sometimes I wish I had never grown up. It is just too sudden. Sometimes I still wish I was a little kid and not a teenager.

I think growing up is the worst thing in the world.

Growing up means we have to become responsible, mommy and daddy wont be doing everything anymore. Life is now full of responsibilities; homework, grades, good behaviour, helping your parents, chores and being a good teenager of course.

When our parents told and warned us about the big, scary and cruel world we didnt get it, so we didnt care. But now we know that the world we knew has changed and became colder. It lost its innocence and its not just our playground anymore. And as soon as you grow up people around you tend to change too. Not everyone is your best friend anymore. You find out what fake friends are and you realize that real friends are hard to find.

But do you still remember when those silly cartoons were the funniest thing ever, when it was so hard core when u stayed up passed 9 oclock and when the hardest decision you had to make was what ice cream flavour you wanted for dessert. Those are one of the best memories. Even though we will never experience them anymore, we will never forget them. We could watch the same cartoons, but we will never enjoy them that much anymore. We could easily stay up till 9 but sometimes we wish we could go to bed earlier, because we are so tired. Deciding what flavour ice cream we want is now one of a bunch of decision we have to make everyday.

As a teenager I think there are already too much stuff to worry about and we have too much responsibilities. I cant imagine what it would be like to be an adult and to really do everything on my own. If I think about it that way¦. being a teenager isnt that bad. High school, homework and chores are not that bad compared to a job, paying bills and maintaining an household. We should actually enjoy our lifes as teenagers, because when well be adults, we can only look back.

Growing up might feel like the worst thing in the world at times, because it means we have to be responsible and we cant live our lifes without any troubles, but it is simply a part of our life. We just have to deal with it. As we grow older, our eyes open and we see things changing. The world changes and so do the people around us. I still remember I couldnt wait to grow up and now growing up is one of my worst fears. I dont want to be an adult yet¦. so Ill just enjoy my life as being an teenager, even though its not always that easy.

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