Thinking Critically Simulation Review Essay

Published: 2020-03-03 02:22:30
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Through the thinking critically simulation, I was able to exercise my own problem solving techniques. In the simulation, real-life business scenarios were given as examples to be resolved. It was divided into three parts: (1) Framing the problem, (2) Making the decisions, and (3) Evaluation the decision. Each phase has its own sublevels which specifically advise the decision makers on what tasks to do in order to effectively address the problem. In the first phase, I was given several possible problems and I was asked to rank them based on urgency and criticality. The detailed background information about the company helped me in analyzing the situation.

However, in the end I resorted to my own techniques in coming up with the best way to rank the problems. It was easier for me to select the problem that when solve can immediately help increase the sales of the electronics store. It was just a manner of choosing the problem that would caused a major impact on the store if it is not straight away confronted. Based on the results, my efforts received a B+ grade which meant that I fairly did well in that activity.  Meanwhile, for the second phase, I was asked to match the best solutions for the immediate concerns of the company. It was mentioned that formulating solutions includes identifying the problem, planning alternatives and evaluating the alternatives.

I followed these steps but unfortunately I was not able to get a good assessment based on the solutions that I have selected for the given problems. Probably, it would have helped if I paid more attention to details and weighed the consequences of each probable solution. I think the practicality and convenience of the solutions should also be considered in order to optimize the resources of the company without the risk of decreasing sales or losing employees. More so, I have realized that in most problems, single or the so-called best solutions are hard to find. It is easier to draft several solutions and try to implement all of them which could help in addressing all the aspects of the identified problems.

In the third phase of the simulation, I was asked to evaluate the given solutions through metrics which will measure the efficiency of each resolution. It is very important that before a decision is made; all sides of the situation or the problem should have been carefully analyzed.

In the end, the decision maker should always keep in mind that in making decisions, every detail no matter how small should be considered. Also, there are obvious problems and solutions that may seem as the only appropriate options for a particular situation. But a decision maker must be critical with this so as not to waste time and effort on fallacies that poses only as problems and solutions but in reality, these are just the actual scenarios.

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