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Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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Several ways exist in which people can promote tolerance and help discourage hatred toward other races, ethnicities, and cultures. Within the community a person can make an effort to visit the businesses of those who might be considered minorities. This effort will make a public statement of acceptance in the behalf of the members of that minority group.

Other efforts can be made to include minorities by publicizing and criticizing any display of intolerance”via letters to the editor of the town newspaper. Such stories in the newspaper may also extend to include exhortations that may encourage law-enforcement agencies as well as other government bodies to get involved in diversity training efforts.

Even when diversity and tolerance issues seem to be minimal for minority races, persons should also be careful to ensure that their community extend the same courtesies to gays and lesbians. This is especially important, as such persons are often made very miserable because they are largely unaccepted in certain societies. Further efforts at tolerance might include the establishment of multicultural centers which host multicultural events as a means of community outreach on a regular basis (SPLC).


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