Tylenol Product Contamination case study Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:26:25
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The risks and rewards to organizations of openness are illustrated by recent cases of crisis management run amuck and done well by highly visible corporations. In the 1980s, Johnson and Johnson created the case study benchmark for crisis management with its handling of the Tylenol product contamination issue. Highly visible leadership and wide-open communication allowed the company to quickly rebuild customer trust in the Tylenol brand (Patrick F. Bassett)

Long-Term Effects:

The Tylenol case created the following long term effects:

Companys Action:

It is difficult to imagine how else should have Johnson and Johnson reacted at the time of the crisis except the following ways:

Future Course of Action:

As far as the action for the future is concerned apart from the action already taken of ensuring the product protection by tamper proof packing the company should

Reflections of Graziers Article on Team Management:

Peter Grazier in his article Team Motivation has identified the following factors that have an influence of the team motivation:

Application of Graziers Principles in Tylenol Product Contamination case:

The two principles that have been advocated which is found to have been used in Tylenol case is the challenges faced by the team and the responsibility of the individuals and the team as a whole. It is evident from the challenge created by the product contamination case for the team of Johnson and Johnson and also the responsibilities of the Team members and the company as a whole clearly outlines the applications of the Graziers principles in Tylenol case.


Patrick F. Bassett Communication in Schools Independent Schools Association of the Central States http://www.isacs.org/resources/monographs/library.asp?id=265&category=13&action=show

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